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June 21, 2014
Very sad shocking true story of how much an obsessive gambler will give up for their habit. Page steals the show as the daughter who has to grow up way to fast
December 14, 2009
I really like this movie. Lots of drama and Delta Burke is so pretty.
August 5, 2008
Excellent film; shows the dangers of what can happen when a person becomes a compulsive gambler.. Delta shined playing Laura!
½ July 25, 2008
Typical Lifetime movie. I was forced to watch it. I can't believe how addicted she was to gambling and threw everything away. I was pretty annoyed with Delta during this whole movie.. Very sad doesn't even care... wow
April 23, 2008
Ellen page = Must see.
September 3, 2007
Gambling at its worst...
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