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September 12, 2008
So-so movie that is very predictable in plot and especially in the ending. An average romantic comedy/ drama where opposites attract. A rock star and a psycharist falls in love randomly. What pulls off this film is the solid acting from Rick Springfield and that the songs ROCKS!!!!!!!
September 9, 2008
I actually liked this back when it came out......
August 26, 2008
since i just went to his concert i had to go back and watch this movie again...i haven't seen it since i was a young(er) person. i still love this movie. and for 59 rick springfield is still fine!
August 19, 2008
"is Rick Springfield - and that makes you forget about what is going on in the movie"
July 21, 2008
Rick Springfield...there really isnt much more to say.
July 13, 2008
ok, so it wasn't the best acting ever and the plot needed some work, but it's Rick naked and a Great soundtrack!
July 11, 2008
just pure 80s fun. the story maybe week but the music more than makes up for it.
June 28, 2008
Not a great movie, but you get to see Rick's butt!
June 24, 2008
I used to be a springfield fan, used to be, so I gave it a 2 just for that. Otherwise, it's a pretty silly 80's movie.
June 11, 2008
What is better than Rick's butt...??? everything on Rick!!!
April 11, 2008
i think I can say I love this movie because there's Rick Springfield and his music rocked in this film. But the movie was so choppy! Scenes did not transition well and the dialogue was cheesy. Rick's character, Jamie, looked like he didn't know what to say, so either he was making love to the girl or kept kissing her. Looked like soft porn to me, but either way, an entertaining movie! Love his naked butt!!
March 23, 2008
omg had fun bashing this with my family. Mom got it for Easter cause she liked Rick Springfield growing up. It was so bad it was funny!
½ March 10, 2008
I love Rick Springfield:) I love this movie:)
½ February 28, 2008
Very good movie with an awesome soundtrack, Rick is just plain awesome.
February 23, 2008
An excellent movie! A great romantic comedy! A pure 80's classic!
February 16, 2008
I love Rick Springfield (big fan) and I think he did a great job in this movie. A rockstar's lovestory. I love the part in the shipyard when a guy calls him a 'candyass' because he's all decked out in navel officers uniform as a joke and Rick flips the guy off. Its priceless. And the soundtrack to this movie are some of my favs from Rick.
February 15, 2008
I am a huge Rick fan....must see for all fans....what a cute butt hehe
January 25, 2008
Anything with Rick Springfield is good for me........He's so beautiful
January 20, 2008
... you attention. I wish he woulda had Jesse's girl so he wouldn't have subjected the world to this.
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