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½ August 8, 2018
Don't bother watching. This movie is about a spoiled disrespectful brat who doesn't know what boundaries and privacy are. Unfortunately she is our main character and we are Forced to watch her carryout annoying antics to get what she wants. Honestly, I don't feel that she got what she deserve. I think she should be locked up, and I feel she is definitely the bad guy in this movie. and honestly, her blog sucks. I don't believe lying is okay as long as everything works out in the end is a good message for children.
August 19, 2017
The casting is terrible, but that may be the least of the problems here.
A bad television movie that represents the decline of the Disney Channel.
(First and only viewing - 8/9/2017)
July 31, 2014
I didn't like it. The main character Harriet was incredibly mean and downright unlikeable.
½ January 23, 2014
The Michelle Trachtenberg version is better.
January 11, 2014
the original Harriet is better
½ December 9, 2012
Harriet the Spy is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
Super Reviewer
½ November 27, 2012
A sort of modern day retelling of Harriet the Spy. Decent. I might have liked it better as a kid... it was just a bit dry and lacking for me.
April 18, 2012
already read the book
½ April 6, 2012
Little bit boring at timesā¦
March 17, 2012
I seek out family-friendly entertainment, and Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) usually fall into that category. However, the main problem with almost every DCOM is that, though they're usually at least watchable once, they're not good enough to watch again and again. Only a very scant few Disney Channel telefilms DON'T fall into that category, and one of those few is "Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars". I know many of you hardened cinephiles would scoff at the thought of ever watching a DCOM, but Jennifer Stone is a wonderful leading lady, the rest of the cast also does remarkably well, and the story will draw you in and not let you go until the closing credits. Even better is the complete lack of offensive content; no profanity, no violence, no sexual content save for briefly seeing a guy shirtless, no drug or alcohol use, etc. Even if you're not a fan of previous Disney telefilms, you should still check this one out. "Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars" made me a big fan of Jennifer Stone, so much so that she is only second to Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice as my favorite celebrity. So, to sum it up in five words: You NEED to see this!
January 22, 2012
22/01/12 - Disney channel

A Disney channel movie, Staring Jennifer stone (from Wizards of Waverly Place).
½ September 21, 2011
one of the films I can to say "I don't wanna watch again this film"
August 21, 2011
not a bad film. enjoyed it although dnt think ad sit thru it again now that av seen it
½ July 18, 2011
The Magic Kingdom always tries to give their young teen players a chance at the spotlight. In the case of Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars the chance comes to Jennifer Stone best known as being the Bohemian sidekick of Selena Gomez in Wizards Of Waverly Place.

Jennifer and an all Canadian supporting cast filmed this item in Toronto and Hamilton and the film is about two competing teens for the chance to become the class blogger. Jennifer's a bright and intelligent young lady and her dad Doug Murray is a film producer and she writes well. But her rival Vanessa Morgan is the future prom queen with the popularity to match. Guess who's got the advantage?

But Jennifer's not without resources, her dad happens to be producing a film starring the current teen heartthrob Wesley Morgan. Nothing sells a blog like celebrity dirt and for young teenage girls, dirt on an idol is catnip to the feline.

Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars will never rate high among the Disney made for television projects, but Jennifer Stone and the cast perform well enough and the predictable story is easy to take. I've the feeling though that Ms. Stone is capable of better.
June 25, 2011
Wow,today i convinced myself that Disney Channel original movies could be really stupid :X :D
March 21, 2011
It was an ok movie. It will never be as good as the orginal one. It was a good time pasting movie.
½ February 18, 2011
February 16, 2011
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½ February 4, 2011
As interesting and fun as a high-school movie for tween could be ... !!!
Has all the elements to be titled movie-version of a Sweet Valley High novel ...
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