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February 8, 2015
I quite liked this film. I'd never seen this story about a team of pickpockets traveling first class up and down the west coast running their pickpocket schemes. Michael Sarrazin and Trish Van Devere are the newer and younger members of he team led by the charming James Coburn. Best of all though is Walter Pidgeon as an aging pickpocket with a drug addition who Coburn keeps around more out of sentimentality than out of necessity. The film definitely has the anti-establishment sentiment of the time, but take a very different route than the usual "Easy Rider" Turn on, tune in, drop out type of sentiment, but was more living outside the system and their laws to live the good life, and instead living by their own code of what's right. But at the heart of the film are the characters who make the living by deceit and are never sure about the other, but who all also seem to care a great deal for each other. The film works as something of a subculture film, like "Rounders" that took you into the world of underground poker or "Suburbia" did for puck rock scene or any number of other films that take you into a secret world in a fascinating way. It's a terrific little film that today would probably have been a small independent and not a major Hollywood studio film. The 70s was definitely a renaissance time for Hollywood.
April 9, 2014
Pick pocket movie that goes stale at times. However, if you stick with it , it gets better
Super Reviewer
½ August 11, 2011
Starts as a sprightly romp but deflates as it nears it's conclusion. Walter Pidgeon comes off best.
July 5, 2011
I'm a fairly big James Coburn fan ever since I saw Duffy. But this movie pretty much sucks. So many holes in the plot...it looked like an abc movie of the week. coburn was good, but he couldnt save this movie
June 29, 2011
Thursday, September 23, 2010

(1973) Harry In Your Pocket

Although they're better 'pickpocket' films made from other countries such as Pickpocket etc... this film is still quite good on it's own terms especially if the setting is relevent to a city people can relate to! Story reviolves two aging pickpocketers who're growing older decide to take in a protege! The ending though is kind of a letdown for it seemed that people that were involved with this film couldn't agree on how to end it! The pickpocketing was of course the most fascinating aspect about this film, even though it may have been influenced by other films!

3 out of 4
June 16, 2011
This movie has a thin plotline and is held up by the beautiful on location scenes. It's filmed in Seattle, Victoria and Salt Lake City. The acting and the direction is good enough, so is the script.
May 15, 2011
I have seen this movie several times. It is much better than it is given credit for..
April 21, 2011
This movie was terrible in so many ways. Terrible script with no ending and plot holes, terrible directing, terrible concept execution. The characters' actions weren't believable. Even the wardrobe was awful! The lead girl kept wearing hot pants that looked like adult diapers and she was meant to look hot.
½ November 2, 2010
Pretty average movie overall.....the story lets it down in the end..though the concept is good
April 6, 2010
you shouldn't feel sympathy for thieves, but with this movie you can
May 25, 2009
Nearly forgotten, offbeat film about a team of pickpockets. Starring the always intense James Coburn as the titular character, with a great supporting turn by Walter Pidgeon as his aging, cocaine addicted mentor.

Light and breezy during the small capers, but the despair, loneliness and resignation soon becomes apparent between members of the crew. The style especially the ending is typical of many seventies films but this is well worth seeking out. It is never been available on home video but has been playing TCM.
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