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Heartbeeps stars Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters as domestic robots who fall in love and run off together.

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Bernadette Peters
as AquaCom 89045
Andy Kaufman
as ValCom 17485
Randy Quaid
as Charlie
Jack Carter
as Catskil voice
Richard B. Shull
as Factory Boss
Dick Miller
as Watchman
Kathleen Freeman
as Helicopter Pilot
Mary Woronov
as Party House Owner
Barry Diamond
as Firing Range Technician
Stephanie Faulkner
as Firing Range Technician
Jeffrey Kramer
as Butler Robot
Irene Forrest
as Maid Robot
Karsen Lee Gould
as Maid Robot
David LeBell
as Forklift Drive Robot
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Critic Reviews for Heartbeeps

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Heartbeeps may contain Oscar-nominated makeup designs by Stan Winston but otherwise makes for a wretched viewing experience.

February 22, 2020 | Rating: 1/4 | Full Review…

...packs the sensation of shards of stained glass being wedged into your brain; Heartbeeps will, with very little effort, burn itself right into your next 15 nightmares

September 22, 2005 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

I would rather shove knitting needles through my eyes than sit through five minutes of this ever again.

March 20, 2003 | Rating: 0/5

Audience Reviews for Heartbeeps

Dispite all the terrible reviews about this film, Heartbeeps become an interesting, cute and entertaining rare romantic sci-fi comedy. Some people might find this classic cult a likable picture, specially, if you're an Andy Kaufman fan, just like I'm.

Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins

Super Reviewer

A very silly, stupid, over the top movie about robots who have feelings and run away from the factory and fall in love. It's not bad, it's even funny at times, but overall it's just okay.

Aj V
Aj V

Super Reviewer

Heartbeeps is the story of two robots (Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters) that meet in a factory, fall in love, and build a baby. Oh, and they're being chased by a poor man's Robocop. Now you can guess how great a movie it is by this point. Many of you have probably never heard of this one, even if it does have the legendary Dick Miller in a cameo as a security guard or an early appearance by serial hotel stiffer Randy Quaid. Now for the skivvy. This movie sucks. And I don't mean boring, horrible acting, dialogue, and all that stuff. I mean that it sucks like getting in a nail gun accident or being Tiger Woods. The only good thing about this movie is its running time (79 minutes) meaning that you only cringe for a little over an hour. The wonderful dialogue about circuits and power packs will bore you to tears and a plot where they take a walk through the woods then walk back is as eventful as waiting in line for the portapotty at a music festival, which also has one other thing in common in that they are both full of shit. This movie should be avoided at all costs. If you see it in a video store it must be destroyed. Fire works best, although I have seen garbage disposals work just as well.

Chris Garman
Chris Garman

Super Reviewer

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