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December 6, 2009
Anytime the leading actor in a movie Yvette Mimieux is the person who wrote the script for the movie it usually spells trouble, but not so here, from the BCI Crime Wave 10 pack we have a movie that appears to have been made for TV. Yvette Mimieux is a Hit Lady 3 for 3 in successful jobs till she falls in love with her next and final hit, guess the $125,000 was just something she couldn't look over, please that itself should only get you 1/2 a star. But the movie isn't all that bad for the era it was filmed in. Enjoyed her long thick hair, No Nude scenes. She gets it in the end, from her boy friend who she finds out in the end was set up to fall in love with her in case she failed at a job, so he shoots her for the boss, cheating whoe deserved it. Put 3 stars on that dead body..
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