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July 1, 2018
It was like the director had so many bad ideas and just one movie to fit them all in. The cast was awful, acting was shitty and nothing actually was happening. It was a waste of time.
½ December 18, 2016
I could deal with the horrible acting, lack of a plot, or 5th grade script, but it's the misogynistic undertones that make it a complete thumbs down when the leading lady is either jumping from bed to bed or being slapped around for sport.
April 23, 2015
surreal thriller. surprisingly good.
March 19, 2015
TWITCHfilm - "...recalls Hitchcock and Polanksi's American productions, and in brief flashes, the strange suburbia of David Lynch's Blue Velvet...the feverish deluge of mesmerizing images that make up House Of Last Things take us further and further down a rabbit hole we're only too happy to lose ourselves in." - (Nov.2013)
½ February 5, 2015
Did I really just spend 2 hours watching a movie that made me feel like I was going crazy?
½ February 3, 2015
Utterly unconventional and capably done from top to bottom-from cinematography to acting, HOUSE OF LAST THINGS is definitely something you haven't seen before. The dream like malleability of this film makes this film a truly unique experience.
Super Reviewer
January 4, 2015
Stylish and odd fantasy comes out of the directorial début of Michael Bartlett, who also wrote the script about an unspoken tragedy. It reflects not just on the couple involved, a classical music critic and his wife, but on the house they live in, too. It is confusing story at the moments, a twisting turning fever dream full of lush and colourful treasures with nightmarish imagery.

This ghostly fable about people who are trapped in both an idyllic dream and a horrifying nightmare, is very artistically articulated, but it is lacking a lot on an emotional level.. It is very cool film for most people from the audience, but for me was too cold. Cast includes Lindsey Haun (TRUE BLOOD), Blake Berris (DAYS OF OUR LIVES), and RJ MITTE (BREAKING BAD) in his first feature film role. Not bad at all!

If you want to see something different in a haunted house setting... check it out.
½ July 3, 2014
This cool indie isn't at all what it seems. "House of Last Things" presents a wholly original spin on fantastic cinema. All the copycat and predictable clichés of gore and yuk have been thrown our in favor of a more cerebral and emotionally dramatic approach, and very performance driven. No doubt all this will alienate splatter fans looking for their nightly transfusion. But it really shouldn't. (All that fast food will catch up with you someday.) Blake Berris is terrific in a role that seems written for him, that's how good he is. But it only works because the rest of the cast are believable too, especially Lindsey Haun who I hadn't really seen all grown up since "Village of the Damned", and RJ Mitte, who in a departure from "Breaking Bad", debuts here in his first feature film. A very attractive trio they make in a house full of twist and turns. Discoveries like this keep me snooping through Indies and waiting in line at festivals hoping for more gems. This is one of them.
June 3, 2014
Too much flashbacks effects but good very indie film.
½ June 1, 2014
To say this film is disjointed would be an understatement- and unfortunately, rather than a deliberate (and successful) manipulation of reality & imagination, time & space- we are just left with a confusing mess- occasionally melodramatic, and marred by sloppy direction and weak script. The performances are generally good, particularly from the younger actors, but cannot make up for the sometimes glaring directorial oversights. There is one character that is either from the psych hospital, a psychic, a ghost, or a figment of everyone's imagination- or all or none of those things- who would know? The writer/ director neglected to explain it. This film is truly aimless, and if you make it to the end, you will probably continue to feel as lost as the characters in it.
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