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December 31, 2013
Eager, young female reporter goes undercover as high-priced call girl to get a story on a prostitution ring. I thought Janet's new haircut was an improvement, not sure why she never considered doing something different before. Hard to see how this operation pays for the lifestyle of the man in charge even with blackmail money coming in as his roster of working girls appears to max out at three.
July 4, 2013
Slow moving thriller has ambitious reporter going undercover as a high-priced call girl for an unauthorized story. Not surprisingly, she finds herself in over her head amidst murder and dead end lives. Often lacking in substance such as meaningful dialogue. Prism VHS box ludicrously refers to the film as 'upbeat'.
½ August 7, 2011
I felt the acting was weak as for the plot too.
December 18, 2010
One of those films with such a bland storyline of the undercover reporter trying to out a killer. I mean it was pretty boring.
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