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½ September 6, 2017
Can't believe this film has not been funded by SAS. It's more a propaganda movie, and very bad in any case, than a proper one. All these explanations and written are so uninteresting and useless to the final purpose of the movie but they ibserted every five minutes or so.
July 26, 2015
un bon film sur la formation des soldats d'élite du S.A.S (Services spéciaux britanniques)
½ January 27, 2015
Okay..if a little tedious in places with a non delivery at the end :-(
November 1, 2014
Reallly ham handed direction, and pretty poor script, really. Little character development and cliche dialogue left the actors very little to work with really. Still it wasn't terrible. Merely awful.

Wish I had those 2 hours back.
August 3, 2014
very good british film showing some of the things thats required to pass sas selection although doesnt show everything still does a good job of showing what sas selection is like. enjoyable film and some good acting although tom hughes isnt believeable as a chef in the army nevermind passing sas selection. still worth a watch and good interesting little movie. if you like british film and war and the sas then you will enjoy this movie
July 9, 2014
Top film that's why the SAS are the best
½ May 31, 2014
Intersesting insight to the UK SAS. Action sequenses were a bit weakusing banks that sounded and looked like blanks but the acting 8 out of 10
April 28, 2014
This is a brilliant movie, gives an incredible insight to S.A.S selection.
Thoroughly enjoyed it, never a boring moment.
½ April 2, 2014
The story of a soldier going through SAS training. A bit like Who Dares Wins, but with Noel Clarke offa Doctor Who
½ March 31, 2014
Cardboard characters that didn't make me give a monkeys whether they lived or died or did anything much. G.I. Jane beat it hands down for action atmosphere and intrigue. Just dull, dull, dull...
March 30, 2014
Une histoire ordinaire, pas de tête d'affiche ce qui fait du bien, mais un réalisme assez proche de ce que cela pourrait être. Pour amateurs du genre seulement.
March 28, 2014
This could be such a good movie, but the director seemed to have lost interest at the end. The selection process scenes were very well done. For anyone familiar with military selection courses it was well done and well worth a watch.

The operation at the end was just pathetic, really, really badly done. So bad in fact that that I would have given this movie a 4 Star review but after watching the ham acting, bad sound effects and cardboard thin story line I can only but drop it down to a 2 Star (at best).

Switch off the movie after the selection phase and you'll be happy you watched it.
½ March 24, 2014
PANTS. This film starts out well but the end sequence really lets it down, the wooden movement, hollywood magazines, death of a friend... fight scenes choreographed by Strictly come dancing, all in all a bit of a flop
March 24, 2014
'I AM SOLDIER' is a pretty pedestrian look at the S.A.S. for what it was worth. I'd hoped for so much more and was thrilled to hear that a movie had finally been made about the British fighting elite, the S.A.S. ...this film is like an Indie film struggling for better recognition but still failing somehow. The title itself is pretty damn bland to start with, the Psychological aspects of the film don't really yield much believability to the rather tawdry proceedings. Looks like it was filmed somewhere in Scotland and is devoid of any colour, leaving the viewing experience to be quite tiring. Fortunately the film is short at approx 1hr 20mins without the credits, all in. Weak plot, so-so acting, dull film treatment and scenery; it all felt a bit phoned in and put-on to me! No focus on Sandhurst, a brief mention of the infamous S.A.S. CLOCK tower yet I did not feel the ruggedness of the true S.A.S. ...these guys seemed like a bunch of panzies huffing about. Ultimately I have to say I am rather disappointed with the final results, this film should have and could have been SO MUCH MORE than the sum of it's parts. The best military related film I have seen recently was, 'LONE SURVIVOR' with Mark Wahlberg, and that was tremendous... the best film of it's kind since 'BLACK HAWK DOWN' and 'THE HURT LOCKER'; sadly 'I AM SOLDIER' comes no-where even close to either of those excellent films!
½ March 23, 2014
Strong and powerful film and very interesting too.
March 22, 2014
It could have been so awesome. The training scenes were fantastic with some corny backstory. All killed by the final action sequences.
March 22, 2014
Watchable but felt like an infomercial for the SAS
March 22, 2014
Gritty, realistic, and gut wrenching...one the best movies about the SAS I've seen.
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