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Dolph Lundgren stars as maverick cop Jack Caine, who's teamed with an FBI agent (Brian Benben) to stop an alien who kills humans to feed off their endorphins.

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Dolph Lundgren
as Det. Jack Caine
Brian Benben
as Special Agent Arwood 'Larry' Smith
Matthias Hues
as Bad Alien - Talec
Betsy Brantley
as Diane Pallone
Jim Haynie
as Capt. Malone
Jesse Vint
as Man in Mercedes
Jay Bilas
as Azeck, the Good Alien
Sherman Howard
as Victor Manning
Mark Lowenthal
as Bruce, the Scientist
Alex Morris
as Ray Turner
Nik Hagler
as Bail Bondsman
Tony Brubaker
as Garage Sweeper
Mimi Cochran
as Female Mechanic
Jack Willis
as Liquor Store Owner
Al Leong
as Luggage Salesman
Brandon Smith (I)
as Market Clerk
Wayne Dehart
as Market Customer
Kevin Howard
as Security Guard
Woody Watson
as Federal Agent
Luis Lemus
as Sgt. Hawkins
Chris Kinkade
as Detective
Tom Campitelli
as Patrolman
Kristin Baxley
as Girl on Phone
Suzanne Savoy
as Patrolwoman
Howard French
as Federal Clerk
Willie Minor
as Pool Hustler
Arienne Battiste
as Malone's Secretary
Jack Verbois
as Man Hostage
Stacey Cortez
as Lady Hostage
Gary Baxley
as White Boy #8
Folkert Schmidt
as White Boy #7
David Poynter
as White Boy #6
Dean Kinkel
as White Boy #5
Sebastian White
as White Boy #4
Steve Chizmadia
as White Boy #3
Matthew Posey
as Psycho #1
Robert Prentiss
as White Boy #2
Kevin Page
as White Boy #1
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Critic Reviews for I Come in Peace

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Benben is a capable comedian done in by tiresome, repetitive material.

March 26, 2019 | Full Review…

The deceptively straight-looking Benben, however, proves to be a wily scene-stealer with a very sharp sense of comic timing.

March 26, 2019 | Full Review…

With an upbeat script and a healthy sense of humour, this is an unashamedly ridiculous affair with moderate ambitions and matching success.

February 11, 2006 | Full Review…

It's B-movie stuff, but as long as an alien sucks your brain out first, you'll enjoy it.

February 11, 2006 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

This story turns out to be much more mundane than its outrageously clever premise.

May 20, 2003 | Full Review…

Baxley has fashioned a moderately entertaining police thriller whose twist comes from the revelation that its major bad guy is a drug dealer from outer space.

January 1, 2000 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for I Come in Peace

What on earth is going on with the film title here I dunno but I prefer 'Dark Angel' for sure. Anyways this was Matthias Hues big flick for which he is most remembered for, which isn't much to shout about. Very silly sci-fi flick about an alien drug dealer sucking endorphins out of human brains to sell all over the galaxy. Its very hokey even for its time and without Lundgren would be total B-movie schlock. Even with Lundgren its still pretty poor with bad effects, terrible acting and only a few impressive car stunts to hand. I mean really...how can you take this remotely seriously with a gang of thugs called 'The White Boys' that are all dressed in suits and look like killer yuppies. Its a classic dumb sci-fi B-movie for sure but I just didn't really like it that much. Benben was constantly annoying and the whole film was trying way too hard with the obvious mismatched buddy cop/hero duo squabbling with each other setup. All this did was come across as boring cliched unoriginal and resulting in some majorly lame forced humour.

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer


Dolph Lundgren is one of those action stars that is fairly hit and miss and at times, he can displayed something quite good, entertaining and fun even if the film is quite tongue in cheek and that is the case with Dark Angel. This is a hybrid all sorts of genres and it strangely works quite well to be a highly entertaining cult film that is very engaging from start to finish. The result is a worthwhile film that is really one of Lundgren's best. Granted the guy really is sketchy when it comes to "acting", yet he delivers here, and with the plot, which I think is awesome, it's hard to resist. I never go into real detail in any of my reviews, because I believe that the less you know the more suspensewfu7l the experience will be. What the film offers is something truly entertaining from start to finish, and if you enjoy low budget cult action at its very best, then this is sure to wet your appetite for action thrills. Dark Angel is far from great cinema, but for what it is, it's an entertaining ride, one that is so much and thrilling that you forget the films weaknesses exists. This is pure popcorn thrash at its very best, and I say that as a compliment. The film is cheesy, thrilling and riveting, and will certainly entertain anyone that enjoys finding a new, undiscovered action film that is well worth seeing due to its original concept. This is a film that is an impressive cult movie and it certainly is a one that is a must watch for diehard fans looking for new and exciting pictures to watch.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

Big Dolph Lundgren tackles even bigger Matthias Hues in this enjoyable sci-fi outing from 1990. Our Dolph plays a tough cop who inadvertently becomes involved in a spot of alien trouble after a hulking interplanetary miscreant murders a group of bad guys Dolph was staking out (and high tales it with the haul of heroin they had in their possession). Why would an alien want heroin you may well ask? Well, it turns out that our alien bad boy has discovered a rather gruesome method of producing an even more powerful drug via it's utilisation.....he simply shoots up unwilling victims and then sucks out their resulting endorphins enriched cranial fluids which he intends to sell back home (where ever that may be)!!! Hardly impressed with this, Dolph decides to investigate this grisly case but finds himself constantly undermined by a number of shady factions entering the fray. Matters eventually come to a head when our two mighty leads battle it out in a factory setting (a popular location for action film finales) and Dolph gets to fire off the obligatory final quip before sending his alien nemesis into oblivion. OK, despite the intriguing premise this is utterly ridden with clichés - the new cop partner, troubles with the girlfriend etc etc etc.. However.....the film works despite it's flaws and proves to serve as a fun ninety or so minutes. At the end of the day, what more could you ask for? Check it out.

David Ladd
David Ladd

Super Reviewer

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