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Il cinico, l'infame, il violento (The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist) Reviews

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½ January 29, 2011
Italian crime thriller by the master Umberto Lenzi! Hilariously dubbed but well made with John Saxon as the bad guy. Plays like an Italian Chuck Norris movie!
½ September 29, 2010
For a change, Umberto Lenzi made a movie with the usual brutal violence, but without going overboard. Normally, his poliziottesci don‚??t shy away from sadistic cruelty performed on women and children. There is some physical violence towards women here, but within limits, and as far as I can recall, children do not even occur in this movie. The main focus is, of course, rampant crime and a frustrated, tenacious police inspector trying to fight this losing battle. Maurizio Merli‚??s character Leonardo Tanzi has done the same thing in ‚??Roma a mano armata‚?? (1976), a movie similar to this one. What makes ‚??Il cinico, l'infame, il violento‚?? special is not so much the opposition between Tanzi and the pivotal criminal ‚?? in this case Luigi 'Er Cinese' Maietto, played by Tomas Millian, but rather between the last-mentioned and another powerful criminal, the (Italian) American new kid on the block Frank Di Maggio (John Saxon). Add Merli‚??s usual inspector‚??s character and Millian‚??s creepy psychopath traits to this combo, and you‚??ve got a very entertaining Italian crime flic. The plot is dense and at times complicated (or is that just me not understanding every detail of an Italian movie with Italian subs?). I was wondering all along if Tanzi had been sacked or just been sent on holiday to recover from the injuries obtained during the ‚??Cinese‚??s‚?? hit on him. And did he plan to pursue the criminals or did he just stumble upon them after his friend in the store had been robbed? The funny thing is that such things just don‚??t matter in a movie like this. Either way, you‚??ll have action, violence and the evil Millian (who coolly has people‚??s bones broken by a carjack and sends out mourning cards of people not yet deceased), which is just what you want.
September 3, 2010
Maurizio Merli reprises his Dago take of Dirty Harry as inspector Leonardo Tanzi from Rome Armed To the Teeth in this superior sequel. This time he's off the force but is still looking to take out the dirty goomba's who's criminal ways have taken over the streets of Rome.
Off the wall-halarious dialogue and a fast pace really make this one the best of the Merli films for me. Were as Rome Armed To The Teeth had too much of Merli spouting his fascist veiws and techniques, this time he shows that Tanzi has a personality outside of the police force. He even cracks a couple smiles. But the rest of the cast is really were the strengths lie. Tomas Milian, John Saxon and Renzo Palmer all have juicy roles. Milian is with out a doubt one of the best character actors in this genre of film. And Saxon just brings class whenever i see him. And finally Renzo Palmer always puts a smile on my face whenever i see him turn up in films. Hes in everything!!
From start to finish this film never lets up. Next to Almost Human this is Lenzi's best film. And with a unforgetable Franco Micalizzi score this one becomes essential viewing.
April 28, 2009
yep great film with a great cast funny as fuk maurizio merli is the best on screen even to this day
November 24, 2008
The Cynic , The Rat , And The Fist (1977) is a great Italian Cop Movie . With a superb cast . And Directed by cult Director Umberto Lenzi . And Starring the Super Macho Maurizio Merli .
August 3, 2008
I cried to tears as he walked into a night club beat up a womanizing asshole and then said to the girl "shutup bitch and just come with me."
I'll never forget though the classic motorcyclist scene in Assault with a deadly weapon where that man punches that buggy lady in the face and drives off with her coat only to get car-planted and beaten the shit out of him by "...that blond gay cop..." then wouldn't you know the chief of police was going down the same street. A must see...
½ April 6, 2008
Ya didn't give the old man a break did you ya, fuckin' shit! Maurizio Merli as his angriest cop yet.
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