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June 1, 2016
I've come to avenge my brother's death.

The Machu continues their march across China taking over the countryside; however, their troops aren't as good as they'd like. The leader of the Manchu sends for three Shaolin masters from the North to come train the soldiers so they can destroy the Shaolin in the south. When the teachers discover the Manchu's goals, they may bring down the Manchu leadership themselves...

"Your friend will get hurt...I'm sure..."

Cheh Chang, director of Five Deadly Venoms, The One-Armed Swordsman, Return of the Five Deadly Venoms, Five Element Ninjas, The Magnificent Ruffians, and The Flag of Iron, delivers Invincible Shaolin. The storyline for this picture is interesting and contains wonderful characters and martial arts choreography. This picture contains the legendary Venoms and this is a perfect display of them at their best.

"They died for the school. They all died young."

This is an all time classic Venom picture that is in my DVD collection and a must own for classic martial arts genre fans. I recently came across this on Netflix and watched again for the first time in a long time just for giggles. I am kind of shocked my review for this isn't already on RottenTomatoes. Nevertheless, this is an all time classic that is worth having in your collection!

"We shall avenge them."

Grade: A
February 21, 2016
Directed by Cheh Chang ("Five Deadly Venoms and "One-Armed Swordsman"), this martial arts film is about a rivalry between Northern and Southern Shaolin masters. The film includes the obligatory rival schools and martial arts training sequences (though I'm a bit baffled at the presence of surgical tubing in turn of the century China being used for resistance training [I won't get into stone barbells]), followed by a climactic and violent showdown at the end. Although the story is certainly nothing new, director Cheh Chang brings above average fighting and training sequences, which makes the film certainly worth watching for fans of old fashioned martial arts films of the 60s and 70s.
½ February 13, 2016
What sets Invincible Shaolin above the usual, old-school theme of good-versus-evil, where some characters are clear-cut good, and others are clear-cut evil, is that every Venom in the movie is a hero. Yes, even Lu Feng, the constant villain in just about every other Venoms movie. But still, these men find themselves in a battle to the death, as the South Shaolin fighters (Kuo Choi, Lo Meng, and Wei Pai) are tricked into believing that the North Shaolin fighters (Lu Feng, Sun Chien, and Chiang Sheng) have killed their classmates. So while the North Shaolin fighters obliviously go about their lives, courting fiancés and upholding virtuousness, the South Shaolin fighters train to kill them.

The training sequences are entertaining, but do slow down the movie. This is the only thing that keeps the film from being perfect, as the pace plods in the middle half. Lo Meng has the best training sequences, learning Mantis Fist. He proves again that he's as equally funny as Chiang Sheng, the Venom normally referred to as "the funny one."

The end fight is both exhilarating and tragic. Driven by their teacher's dying words, Kuo Choi, Wei Pai, and Lo Meng confront the Northern Shaolin masters on Sun Chien's wedding day. As their shocked fiancés watch on, Lu Feng, Sun Chien, and Chang Shieng grudgingly accept the South Shaolin masters' challenge. To make matters worse, a cadre of Ching soldiers show up, making this final battle one of the best in both Venoms and Shaws history.

Though it doesn't feature the outrageous costumes or exotic weapons that are normally associated with Shaw Brothers films, Invincible Shaolin is one of the best movies Chang Cheh and the Venoms were ever part of. For once, the craziness is toned down and the characterization is turned up, way past the usual Shaw Brothers movie. Invincible Shaolin has real heart and soul, and I recommend it entirely.
May 7, 2015
The movie has two things going for it: 1) Excellent training techniques and montages, and a swell cast. Too bad the plot is a bit aimless, with three characters doing hardcore training while the other three connect with ladies and don't do much more. Most of the action is in the finale, but it ends on a weird note so it can be tragic and heroic. It ends up seeming kind of forced overall. This one could have been better.
July 7, 2012
I saw this movie! It is bad ass
Super Reviewer
October 22, 2011
Kinda good but also kinda boring.Almost put me to sleep
½ June 12, 2010
Very pleasantly surprised to see that all 6 stars of The Five Deadly Venoms were in this one that I just nabbed on sale, though I was worried early on. 3 Shaolin heroes from the south are manipulated into fighting 3 Shaolin heroes from the north. The ones from the south go through some separate but lengthy training, and the separate stories of the north/south folk are good, but it didn't seem right that they'd still have to fight each other after all that happens, after all the cool moments that make us like all 6 of the heroes, because of the actions of 1 villain, who keeps his actions secret for so long. However, really REALLY strong finale makes up for any concerns leading up to it!
November 18, 2009
One of the best shaolin films produced by the Shaw Brothers.
July 26, 2009
Good film! I like sun chien孫建 best?
January 11, 2009
I saw this movie! It is bad ass
March 8, 2008
This was my first Venoms film. After it I was hooked. Loved the training sequences and the end battle is one of my all time faves.
"Are you really a fruit peddler?"
"Why not."
The dubbing was not always great in their movies, but that was part of the fun.
December 22, 2007
i enjor watching this shaolin movies, their techniques are awesome, and its shows the value of friendship and loyalty
Super Reviewer
November 28, 2007
Not bad, I thought it was going to be crap but it was quite enjoyable ^_^
½ July 5, 2007
Classic revenge film with Shaolin Kung Fu as a device to pursue it in the end. I enjoyed the martial arts and the locations depicted.
June 2, 2007
This was my first foray into the realm of Shaw Bros. martial arts films and it was fairly enjoyable. It's the story of a general pitting two sides against one another to test their skills but then creating turmoil in order to get them to fight one another and destroy themselves. The story actually did not go anything like I expected and I really enjoyed the ending.
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