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February 7, 2012
a decent british gangster movie, terry stone is as great as ever
March 25, 2011
Guy Ritchie meets Tarantino, but... mediocre acting and subpar script. B-movie gangster flick.
January 3, 2011
Good film, what you see is what you get!
½ May 23, 2010
From a Danny Dyer fan. Ok there are good films and there are bad films. Havent seen acting like this since the likes of Gregory's Girl. Would have taken the main character more seriously if played by Rufus Hound at least if you paid him to act you would get a performance worthy of this film (Ok it would be cack but liven the film up with comedy). Seriously this made Guy Ritchie's Revolver make sense. Ok I made it to around 01:13 when Jack was looking for Nathan with the picture and a voice-over. I can imagine what was said if the voice-over wasnt there. You seen this guy. Who him? Nah mate he looks like that Danny Dyer bloke but he has a finger for a face.
Seriously as for the semi-famous Scottish Police BOSS the stroke speach may work when playing a gangster but for playing a cop the waivering drones had me wanting to finish his sentence. You know its a good film when cops lose all rankings and are called Boss, Chief, Super-Boss whatever. Anyway the film was so bad you started to guess the line before they were said, then you move up a notch to mute and start making the lines up. Seriously I have a great idea for a Danny Dyer comedy sketch, (Any TV programmes give me a call). The only thing that saved it for about 5 mins was the cleavage of one ravver annoying burd. Nice Sin City rip off cover.
½ May 14, 2010
Well, I can see why all the trailers preceding the film (and there were MANY) concerned gangs and football hooligans. Though in parts dull, the film did have it's moments. The acting, whilst wooden in places was significantly better than expected, though the film did have an overall "student" feel to it. This did however suit the subject matter quite nicely, and perhaps inadvertently made it feel more raw than it had any right to. Unfortunately, the big let-down was the over-reliance on stylistic features. Grainy, high-contrast, black and white sections tended to detract from the graphic feel of the film rather than add to it, and the plot, quite simply tried too hard to be complex and non-linear. Today's forecast: feelings of confusion followed by indifference.
March 20, 2010
there is no information listed about this movie, so i am not interested in this film at the time but maybe i might someday
½ January 7, 2010
quite a good film, not gonna win any oscars though
½ January 5, 2010
Unbelievably poor: I've seen better Am-Dram shows than what was on offer here. Poor acting from all involved, bad casting, bad story and dialogue, badly shot, bad direction, and above all, it has delusions of granduer. Why make a sequel to an extremely poor first film? And why are they making 'Jack Falls'? Its all utter dross; a vanity project for the lead actor and all the other ex-gangsters who want to play dress up.
October 31, 2009
Decent film nothing we haven't seen before.
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