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½ May 4, 2011
Second worst film I've seen this year. I've seen 215 films this year with JACK SAYS, and some of them were really bad... This film was really only better than MEET DAVE, and then only because I had to stop watching that one because it was THAT bad. So, actually, this is the worst film I've managed to sit through all year.
March 25, 2011
Worse than the first, and the first wasn't very good.
March 12, 2010
I found this to be a frustrating movie, it never really hits any heights of suspense, the acting is at best average and it‚??s only reason of existence is a re-package version donning the name Danny Dyer on it, who has about 10mins max of screen time.
I understand it‚??s a low budget indie flick but so many movies with similar budgets have made a better fist of being a good movie.
I must say at one point I did come close to turning this off but stuck with it, and doing so it properly gained an extra star‚?¶just!!!
End of the day, it was worth a punt, and I‚??d never ask people to stay away from a movie, because some car crash of movies can give people joy and enjoyment but I wouldn‚??t recommend it.
November 17, 2009
Started out really good but then it got really slow and things just dragged...
½ June 18, 2009
Isn't it amazing how few people speak french in this movie that is in Paris. Stilted english cockney is the new black in this film where the protagonist fumbles through the plot like horny teenagers with the lights out. You know that it's a disaster when you forget the main character's name halfway through the film because you just don't care.
½ January 12, 2009
I'm all for low budget film making, but there was nothing vital about this. The budgetary restrictions put aside, what let this down was the script - I personally don't like films that over-do voice over narration, but there was nothing here that gripped me or made me care about anything.
½ January 2, 2009
nice british film, not quite a diamond in a mountain of rocks, maybe a ruby tho
r.i.p. Isaac Hayes and Mike 'runaround' Read.....
November 22, 2008
Low budget, low quality piece of trash that pretends to be something more important.
A terrible script is complimented by some very poor acting...
The film looks cheap, the script feels cheap... at least I picked up the DVD cheap...
November 13, 2008
I'd heard a lot of really good things about this so supposed british noir crime film. The poster was intriguing, and gave off a sin city-esque vibe (the film is a sequel to the graphic novel 'jack said')

sadly the film did not live up to my expectations. the story was so so and lacked any real engagement and the "scottish" accent by the lead was appauling.

maybe the planned prequel will be better.

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