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November 16, 2013
"Ronald Cheng works hard, but the comedy superstar can't save this film from being mostly a snoozefest. Undercover Hidden Dragon is staged in a shockingly boring manner, though the film recovers for a decent ending." Beautiful women, good action and directed by two legends, what could go wrong? "Gordon Chan and Dante Lam appear to be making a comedy, but they don't direct the film like a comedy. Their pacing is leaden, and the humor too inconsistent to be that funny. Too often they seem to rely on the material to carry the film, and since the material simply isn't that good, the film struggles to stay amusing."
February 6, 2011
Average, enjoyable comedy. Ronald Cheng is a slacker/bum who at the beginning is ask by a small gangster to do some fighting for them. He chicken out the last second and receive coins for payment. Pace Wu is the wife of the gangster boss who is so beautiful and sexy. Ronald admires her and peep at her window nightly. He has a room mate Lam Chi Chung who is also a slacker. One day three women Theresa Fu, Ella Koon & Miki Yeungfinds him and told him he is an undercover cop but lost his memories years ago in a fight, hence taking his cover story as real. They want him to infiltrate into the big time gangster network. Need him to plant a bug. At the massage parlour, he saw Pace and she unknowingly ask him to massage. But he back away and demand to see the boss, who is also acted by Ronald. He ask why did Pace have wounds on her back. The lackey quickly says it is medicated effect. The boss takes a liking of him and take him in as god brother. The bug is hidden in his mop hair and not asshole. Lam manage to hook up Miki and become an item. Theresa is sad Ronald rather be gangster nd not undercover. Lam and Miki change his thinking and now he provides info for Miki to bust. Theresa knew it fishy and intercept an info first hand but was trap. Ronald saves her. He become the chauffer for Pace who goes shopping at night often. Her birthday the boss forgot. Ronald make waffles cake for her and she remember him buying waffles from her everyday years ago. She want to run away with him, he bring her to the trio place. Now he don't know who to choose. Tossing coin chosen Pace but he is still thinking. Then the gangster came. He is the undercover cop, expose by Theresa. They were all rounded up. Ronald fight with the fighter and manage to win him by luck. The boss ask him to toss coin and choose who to die and live. He stand in front of Pace. Coin toss is Pace and Ronald is shot. Ella knock him out from back. Pace tell Theresa she know he love her more and let her follow up in the ambulance.
½ January 9, 2011
Except the 80s' < Pimple Song >, the flick is totally zero funny & awful. Ronald Cheng's exaggerating "comical" acting was getting wearish & annoying too.
April 2, 2010
Disturbingly unfunny comedy from top directors Lam and Chan, veterans in the game who really should do better. The esoteric nature of the jokes almost becomes a quality in itself here, giving Ronald Cheng a certain air of mystique, as if there really were a meaning to his desperate mugging and ad-libbing. A very confusing experience.
½ August 6, 2009
watch, laugh, forget.
August 3, 2008
this movie was halirious even though it wasnt in english
½ April 7, 2008
No new ground is broken here, just another thrown together HK comedy that didn't really succeed. The opening "Initial D" AE86 drift got me excited that this might turn into a parody comedy which HK films so often do, but alas the jokes almost stopped there. Sure things were thrown in here and there but not nearly enough to even be as slapstick as a Wong Jing film nor witty humor either. Not horrible but not really worth your time either with so much great stuff out there.
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