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Critic Consensus: Josh Brolin gives it his best shot, but he can't keep the short, unfocused Jonah Hex from collapsing on the screen.

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1970s-era DC antihero Jonah Hex makes his way to the big screen as co-screenwriters Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Crank, Gamer) team to follow the disfigured gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter on his biggest adventure yet. Supernatural elements combine with Western aesthetics to take viewers on a wild and bloody ride, with Josh Brolin leading the way as Hex and John Malkovich stepping into the villainous role of Turnbull. Jimmy Hayward (Horton Hears a Who) directs. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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Josh Brolin
as Jonah Hex
John Malkovich
as Quentin Turnbull
Megan Fox
as Lilah
Will Arnett
as Lieutenant Grass
John Gallagher Jr.
as Lieutenant Evan
Tom Wopat
as Colonel Slocum
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as Jeb Turnbull
Michael Shannon
as Doc Cross Williams
Wes Bentley
as Adleman Lusk
Rio Hackford
as Grayden Nash
Dave Jensen
as Turnbull's Henchman
Billy Blair
as Turnbull's Gang - Billy
Sean Boyd
as Turnbull's Gang - Preacher
John McConnell
as Stunk Crick Sheriff
Jackson Townsend
as Stunk Crick Mayor
T.J. Toups
as Stunk Crick Deputy
T.J. Toups
as Stunk Crick Deputy
Ned Coleman
as Stunk Crick Deputy
Jack Wirt
as Stunk Crick Deputy
Ty Holland
as Dumbass Outlaw
J.D. Evermore
as Union Officer on Train
Scott Staggers
as Union Letter Writer
Jimmy Hayward
as Train Wood Tender
Michael Arnona
as Train Engineer
Noel Murano
as Surviving Soldier
Preston Acuff
as Union Officer at Fed Reserve
Jonathan Bell
as Roughneck at Tent
Vincent Riverside
as Roughneck at Tent
Stephen Chen
as Old Chinese Guy
Stephen S. Chen
as Old Chinese Guy
Joe Billingiere
as Old Cherokee
Bill Martin Williams
as Union Commanding Officer
Milos Milicevic
as Burly Turnbull Guard
Eric Scott Woods
as Turnbull's Lookout
Maureen Brennan
as Mother on Train
John Kennon Kepper
as Boy on Train
John Kennon Pepper
as Boy on Train
Seth Gabel
as Advisor
Andy Ryan
as Barber
Darin Heames
as Bartender
Matt Lasky
as Dead Turnbull Guard
Aidan Quinn
as President Grant
Rance Howard
as Telegrapher
Antal Kalik
as Huge Bar Partron
Michael Papajohn
as Saber Guard
Tait Fletcher
as Nasty Gunner
Paul Zies
as Henchman #1
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Jonah Kex, Jonah Wrex, Jonah Hax, Jonah Kax, Jonah Thix, Jonah Crox, Jonah Sux.

September 8, 2010 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

The film shows its comic-book origins in good ways (stylish settings) and bad (too many scenes end in a gigantic conflagration).

September 3, 2010 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

It just gets louder and more nonsensical as it progresses, with Fox shoe-horned into as many scenes as possible.

September 2, 2010 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

At least it's relatively short.

September 2, 2010 | Rating: 2/5

It's a loud and subtle-as-a-sledgehammer assault on the senses, though, at 81 minutes, mercifully short.

September 2, 2010 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

An object lesson in how not to adapt a comic book. A crushing disappointment.

September 1, 2010 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Jonah Hex


I'll start by saying that I've seen my faire share of bad film, and to be honest, Jonah Hex wasn't that bad of a film. Of course it's a ridiculous affair, a film that is shallow in its story, but is somewhat entertaining despite its significant flaws. I didn't hate the film, but I felt that it could have been much better as well. I've seen my fair share of bad films, and I got to say that Jonah Hex is nowhere near the ineptitude garbage that films like Movie 43 and Texas Chainsaw were. This is somewhat entertaining, albeit it doesn't do anything really good with its ideas, and it does squander its potential. The film is mindless popcorn action, and it's decent at best, but it's definitely not great. I liked some aspects of the film, and the comic book vibe the film had was quite good, but the script was just empty, and the film's ideas never really took off. Jonah Hex for me anyways, isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it's not a good film either. The film should have been much better than this, as there were some appealing things about it, however due to a lacking script, the film's ideas never come to fruition and it does make you wonder how good this film could have been if the screenwriters would have reworked the story a bit more. For metal fans, you'll probably enjoy Mastodon's soundtrack, and the cameo by the band's guitarist Brent Hinds as a Union Soldier. Not as bad as what I expected, but it does leave a bit to be desired, however I must say that I have seen far worse films than this one. At least this film had a few entertaining action scenes, if only the plot had been reworked, then this film really could have been something special.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer


The premise based on the comics has potential: a gunslinger who was so close to dying that he can now talk to the dead, while trying to stop a megalomaniac terrorist. The most pleasant surprise of the supernatural Western mix is the cast and how many well-known people show up in rather small and surprising roles. They may feel a tad underused but on the other hand it's fun to see them all come together. The less pleasant surprise is the kind of film they joined in. It does have it's moments and is rather entertaining, but also pretty damn shallow when it comes to dialogs and action. The shootouts are always rather short (and with the type of shredding metal guitars, that seem to imply speed and excitement but are just annoying), the characters remain flat. The short running time of the film implies that the creators were not that happy with it, either and tried to make it out alive as fast as possible.

Jens S.
Jens S.

Super Reviewer

Mixed feelings about seeing this one.

Jon Lantz
Jon Lantz

Super Reviewer

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