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October 29, 2012
Breath taking performances by Amitabh and Rakhee. Lyrics is the best in the movie and dialogues are thoughtful as well as entertaining.
September 20, 2010
Boring and quite senseless most of the time, pathetic dialogues, over acting lots of times. Songs and Rishi Kapoor were the positives for me!
February 21, 2010
a classic old school Bollywood film :)
January 30, 2010
Superb movie..one of the best in Hindi Cinema..the dialogues and songs and amazing...a must watch!!
½ March 29, 2009
i never thot a thing like this...

well i think this will notdigest to people...
February 18, 2009
dont have words
but very lovly
October 19, 2008
great lyrics and shayari by sahir ludhiyanvi...
Super Reviewer
September 27, 2008
Director Yash Chopra recommended by
September 26, 2008
Again another all time classic that is timeless, shame the essence was destroyed in the remake ,whyyyyyyyyy
leave the originals alone
September 10, 2008
I love the recitied poetry in the movie. I also liked the ending part the chase scene in which there is two horses, one jeep andoe motorcycle. Shashi Kapoor in it is great as usual and Rishi Kapoor is very cute. Amitabh Bachchan is fanastic too. The resepective wives/mothes do very well too.
July 7, 2008
kabhi raste main mil jao
to katra ke gujar jaana
hamein is tarah takna ki jaana na ho tumne
hamara jikr jab aaye to yun anjaan ban jaana
jaise jaan ke bhi jaana na ho tumne
½ July 6, 2008
Its a great movie, with lovely songs and absorbing storyline. But most importantly, they speak of an important fact in life, the realtionship of a husband n wife n how some stupid people let there past affect their future n feelings. Its about love, the greatest truth of this universe, n forgiveness, the essential in marriage.
½ June 27, 2008
probably the best song (title song) in a movie ... a classic
June 7, 2008
Nice romantic songs.
May 14, 2008
Kabhi kabhi mere dil me :)
March 30, 2008
its a classic, absolute gold
March 12, 2008
Absolute fav movie from when i was a kid...
½ February 8, 2008
It means sometimes...what's all this about "love is life?"
January 22, 2008
one of the best...grew up watching hindi movies cause it reminded us of who we are in uk
December 31, 2007
One of my favorite movie.
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