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September 19, 2017
Worth watching. A talented person for sure.
November 2, 2011
Kanye's live album, recorded at the first peak of his Himalayan career perfectly encapsulates the grandeur of the legend (also, incidentally John Legend, Lupe Fiasco and other featured guests including a seventeen piece female orchestra). While the sound quality might not reflect the best that Abbey Road has to offer, Kanye's energetic and precise rapping certainly does.

His production value is unmatched in the hip-hop genre (or any genre), and this is reflected in Late Orchestration, and his synth beats and violin hooks are even better live. One complaint might be the exact re-emulation of his vocal samples, but this is a tiny complaint - the samples sound amazing to begin with, but a bit of innovation in the studio might have been nice. Its also nice to reminisce over the light and fun music he put out over his first two albums, a nice deviation from his more intense (albeit just as, if not more brilliant) newer albums (808s and Dark Fantasy). Lyrically, for newcomers to Kanye, he is as deep as he is musically, with his fearless commentary on religion, the music industry, his childhood and even his lofty ambition completing the picture of a genius.

Particular highlights include the mysterious leading into fierce 'Diamonds are Forever', Otis sampling 'Gone' and the thoughtful 'Heard em Say'. Of course big hits 'Gold Digger' (included as an AOL bonus track) and the anthemic 'Jesus Walks' are included, and the Louis Vuitton Don delivers on all counts, once more consolidating his place as the greatest, most innovative and musically talented artist of the 21st century and even (forgive me skeptics) all-time.
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