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January 16, 2018
pretty stupid movie, i liked it though
½ April 22, 2017
If you've ever wanted to see a Nun drink alcohol, abuse morphine, have casual sex with strangers and murder people then this is the film for you. It would've been a better film if there was a little more of what I previously mentioned and had better devolved characters, directing, editing, and storytelling. I know its an exploitation film and doesn't need to be Oscar worthy but even by its genre standards it feels like its holding back.
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December 7, 2014
A nun named Gertrude recently had a neurosurgery as well as morphine addiction and promiscuity became in charge of a rest home for the elderly. Gruesome deaths started to occur to the deviant elderly population, is Gertrude crazy or is someone trying to set her up?

Better than I expected, the violence and gore were rather flimsy looking but it was certainly fun to watch Ekberg descend into madness. Dellasandro had a role as well to make the film more watchable. The ending was rather predictable but nevertheless a stylish direction can still save nunexploitation like this.
September 16, 2013
On the whole, this is quite tedious but has a few memorable sequences.
January 5, 2013
Sleazy Video Nasty meeting of Giallo and Nunsploitation--Surreal with nuns drifting down corridors!!
November 12, 2012
This had less gore, sex & murder than i anticipated, the back cover of my DVD pretty much advertised this as a dumb psycho movie, which i do like but actually this is quite interesting, a little funny for odd reasons and has a twist ending. This was my first taste of the nunsploitation genre, i have a feeling it's not as exciting as other titles but who could resist good nun's gone bad?
October 27, 2012
I didn't realize there was such a thing as a nunsploitation genre. Odd film where nuns sleep in the nude and the wrong nun is suspected of hospital murders after she scolds an elderly patient by stomping on her dentures.
October 19, 2012
This film was my first foray into the world of Nunsploitation, and while it has some interestingly sleazy bits peppered throughout, I don't know if it was as dirty as I would've expected based on the reputation that the genre has built for itself. Perhaps I chose poorly when selecting my first entry into the genre.

Worth a rental, definitely a watchable little flick and worth it for the super cute Paola Morra. Rawr, baby.
½ May 9, 2012
Ever watched anything dreadful, but still think it had some sort of odd charm about it. Well that's this. Very slow throughout but sped up dramatically at the end. Could have been so much better though.
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March 6, 2012
Pretty good Italian horror flick that some have called "nunsploitation" a subgenre of exploitation cinema. Based on real accounts, this film surrounds on a nun named Sister Gertrude who commits acts of violence against patients in an elderly hospital where she works. Played well by Anita Ekberg, Sister Gertrude is a chilling character. Killer Nun is not a film for everyone. Killer Nun for me anyways is a different type of Italian horror flick. I thought that this was a good film, and that Anita Ekberg was good in her role as the psychotic Sister Gertrude. If you're new to Italian horror, you'll probably be weirded out by this film. Italians are strong on sexual content, graphic violence and Killer Nun is no exception. This film will thrill diehard fans of Italian horror cinema. There's definitely some chilling elements that make this film memorable. Based on real events, Killer Nun is a good little flick, however this is not one of the better exploitation style horror flicks that I've seen. The film is good, but in the end, I don't think it stands out among others in the genre. This is still an unsettling film that will make you feel uneasy. Killer Nun is a good flick, but like I previously stated, is not as memorable, but is still worth seeing if you're a fan of Italian horror, your surely going to enjoy this one. This is a good portrait of a psycho killer nun and is quite different, but as a whole it does leave a lot to be desired.
November 7, 2011
Watchable strange but ultimately unfulfiled by a lack lustre finish
½ October 31, 2011
Pretty strange flick....
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April 14, 2011
Far better than I remember thinking on my first viewing but that was a while ago and now I think of it one of my first in this field. Probably not a good one to encounter first because it really is such a strange one. Pretty surreal with nuns drifting down corridors, gowns splayed out behind and the dreams, imaginings and nightmares punctuated with goring killings and lusty couplings. Ekberg is fine but so is everybody and they all play weird so that this also helps to give the film an unreal feel even though it is firmly set in a convent and supposedly based upon a true case. A stand out moment is the crushing underfoot of the poor old lady diner's false teeth, as we cut from the vicious trampling to the squirming old lady, hands to her mouth. Music is pleasant enough and effective if a little derivative and if Dallesandro seems the most normal person on the screen that just goes to show something about this true one off.
½ March 16, 2011
Typical, corny 70's horror with a poor twist.
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½ January 30, 2011
Fact-based melodrama about a murderous Nun comitting unholy acts of violence at a hospital for the elderly. May be a little bit too slow and boring for hardcore horror fans. It isn't particularly gory or graphic, but it has its fun moments and plenty of nudity too. Anita Ekberg gave an enjoyable performance. There's a nice little twist in the tale, even if it was a bit predictable, you're never sure right up until the end.
January 28, 2011
Ca faisait déjà un p'tit moment que je ne m'étais pas maté un de ces video nasties, "Killer Nun" arrive à point nommé parce qu'en plus de faire partie de cette célèbre collection non-officielle mais en plus, c'est un nunsploitation autrement dit, double plaisir pour le mec et le spectateur que je suis lol

"Killer Nun" se passe dans un hosto dont les bonnes soeurs sont les infirmières et il des meurtres sont commis au oment où la très stricte et respectée Soeur Gertrude pète littéralement les plombs en plein boulot !! Tout semble l'accuser et les preuves s'accumulent, mais elle peut compter sur le soutien de Soeur Mathilde qui se verrait bien être plus qu'une amie fidèle, eh, c'est pas de la nunsploitation pour rien !

C'est pas aussi marquant que "Behind Convent Walls", mais les scènes de meurtres sont assez bien foutues sauf peut-être quand on voit la poupée faire office de cadavre qui chute de plusieurs étages. "Killer Nun" est surtout dominé par la sculpturale Anita Eckberg et la non moins sexy Poala Morra, l'une paraît dur et l'autre douce, mais à mesure que le film avance on peut affirmer qu'il ne faut pas trop se fier aux apparences.

Plus inoffensif que la moyenne des films du genre niveau rinçage d'oeil (on ne voit jamais les atouts d'Eckberg), mais ça se rattrape avec Morra, mais le film reste assez divertissant bien qu'un peu longuet par moment du en partie à son absence de scènes vraiment marquante ! Un film avant tout pour les fans du genre, les autres passeront leurs chemins !
November 21, 2010
This ain't no Sound of Music. If you like your nuns on drugs, in high heels and stockings with a face full of make up, who looks like her might do the odd shift down at your local department store, while killing most of the patiences at your doctors office, this is the movie for you. The dubbing is so awful you wouldn't know if the acting was good or not but I can tell you there is no Oscar winning performances here. There is the odd soft core sex scene but don't get all excite yet because this was the era before the Brazilian. I'm'giving this film 20% just for the nerve of making it and a good giggle at the less than special effects.
½ September 3, 2010
Italian psycho-horror about a somewhat older nun apparantly going on a rampage in the mental hospital she works at. I liked the atmosphere in this, and it's more giallo than it is nunsploitation if you aks me, but it's a bit too slow to really compel.
August 24, 2010
A boring mess that is nonsensical, amateurish and lame. Although, I suppose one shouldn't be expecting too much from a movie with the title Killer Nun. Check out the wide assortment of crazy extras. There are numerous nasty bits scattered throughout which were enough to get it banned, but not enough to warrant a good rating. Moments like: sex in a wheelchair, needles in eyes and plenty of sacrilegious imagery. That said, the only highlight for me was the groovy musical score during the scene where the Nun shoots up with morphine. (Interesting side note, after the film wrapped, the make-up artist killed someone and ended up in an insane asylum.)
½ August 18, 2010
To be viewed in the dark.
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