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December 4, 2009
I had no idea what to expect other than knowing Jeff Wincott and Michael Ironside were in the picture. At first I was not sure what was going to happen as the main character is trapped in a facility recovering from his wounds and surgery. Then the film takes a very abrupt turn as the main character becomes an unwilling assassin for the government because if he does not the government will kill him. He is killing people who know about the origin of the AIDS virus. The plot seems outrageous however I really did enjoy the picture and what it did with itself. It was funny and I just enjoyed watching it. I liked the main character always knowing what to do and even though he said in his voice overs he did not want to kill again he goes around and kills a bunch of people. In the beginning he thought of killing himself at one point but instead he chose to kill to save his own life however at the end he ends up being captured anyway. Overall, it is a different movie with an attempt at telling a story that is very serious but in the end it comes done to funny action scenes and Michael Ironside is the man.
½ September 1, 2009
Jeff Wincott plays an assassin who is given a new life, by shadowy goverment facility leaded by evil Michael Ironside. Wincott is given assignments, but he falls in love with the last one. Action scenes were not that great, but the characters were better then usual, especially Michael Ironside as the lead villain.
July 28, 2009
not bad for b-movie type stuff but really funny start to the film and how they help him recover as he loses all his memory and stuff, may be i should lose my memory but what follows possiably the worsed sex scene is aload of garble but Ironside is exellent at the bad guy routine having sed that
½ June 14, 2009
a genuine c-movie with violence and babes with huge busts. ok film but pretty slow moving.
February 4, 2007
probably the first thing to die in this movie is the plot
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