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Le Mura di Malapaga (The Walls of Malapaga) (Beyond the Gates) Reviews

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September 28, 2010
a bittersweet romance between a french convict on the run, and a fiery italian waitress unfolds against the backdrop of postwar italy. an extremely hard film to find - i had to watch it with belgian subtitles run through the google translator. the film is notable for winning the best foreign film oscar, and for uniting major stars of france and italy, jean gabin (grand illusion, daybreak) and isa miranda. beautifully shot, and a bit melodramatic, the chemistry of the two megastars sells the story. rene clement would later go on to direct the harrowing 'forbidden games.' a curiosity for completists, but all parties involved have produced other, more notable work.
April 9, 2009
Okay Foreign Film winner about a con man (Jean Gabin) on the run who hides out with a woman and her young daughter. But to be honest, this movie's pretty forgettable, I can't even recall much of the story and it's only been about a week since I saw it. Also, it was another poor VHS tapes with the white subtitles so I couldn't read a lot of the dialogue.
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July 3, 2008
want to see this because it honored as the best foreign film at the oscars
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