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May 30, 2012
The most famous boy of a highschool whose name is Landon Carter did a stupid thing so he must help at school to make up.
At school, Jamie Sullivan who is less famous helps children to do their homework. The director asks Jamie to supervise Landon.
One day, he asks her if she can help him in mathematique. She answers that she is ok if he doesn't fall in love with her. Landon thinks that it is a joke because he thinks he never can fall in love.
Later, they fall in love but Jamie wants to stay single because she is sick : she has a leukaemia and her days are numbered...

I think the best character in the film is Jamie which is played by Mandy Moore because she maniges to change the personality of Landon and thanks to her he becomes a great person.

It could be better if Jamie didn't die... It is too sad and we cried a lot.

It is a brilliant film and it is absolutely the best romantic film we have ever watched.
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