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½ January 20, 2017
Left Behind: World at War is the most metal in the series. It clearly has a bigger budget than the first two, but overreaches to comedic results much of the time. It continues with right-wing conspiracies, a naive notion of how the world works, and laughable plot lines. Enjoyable for the wrong reasons, which almost makes it worth watching.
½ January 1, 2016
Do not watch! I thought it was going to be an awesome war movie, but it was not! It was cheesy, super-natural, and very religious. Do not watch!
June 7, 2015
I don't think I have ever come across a film franchise as poor as the Left Behind series. It amazes me that despite having four damn films, with each getting a noticeable increase in budget, they have all been completely awful. And not in a fun, trashy sort of way like other low or no-budget action films I've come across.

No, Left Behind has been consistently joyless, nonsensical in painfully bad ways, overly preachy, horribly acted, featuring dull action scenes to sensationalize and make Christianity look cooler, they are all poorly directed, and just well, poor at everything altogether. All four of these films have cemented themselves as being among the 100 worst films I've ever seen, with the first two finding a spot in the 30 all-time worst. This is a franchise that should have never been allowed to go past the horrible first film back in 2000 and should have died right then and there.

But no. For whatever reason, despite being a flop in theaters and with critics and audiences, I guess there must have been just enough of a monetary gain for Cloud Ten Pictures and enough of a cult following of fanatical fundamentalist nutjobs to allow this abortion of a franchise to continue. The Left Behind films are also among the unforgettable bad films I've seen. They are now permanently seared into my memory, and I will forever decry them as pieces of shit to anyone who will listen, even if I live to be an old man with Alzheimer's. Not even that disease will be able to remove the foul stain this franchise has left in my memory. They will always be there, and I will go to my grave calling them pieces of shit.

Do you want to know something even sadder about this franchise. This entry is the LEAST terrible of the franchise. This is the best the franchise could muster. I'll let that sink in for a moment.

Nicolae Carpathia rules the world with the help of his militant Global Community force, following the events of the previous two shitty films, and is now planning an attack against Christians on a much wider scale.

Meanwhile, the Tribulation Force has stolen Bibles from a Global Community facility in a daring raid, which costs the lives of some of the militia members during the raid as the rest escape with the Bibles.

Meanwhile the president of the United States, Gerald Fitzhugh, and his vice-president are out on a hunting trip, when they are suddenly ambushed during a drive, which kills the vice-president and the president's guards. President Fitzhugh is rescued by members of the Tribulation Force.

Then the story focuses back on the unlikable band of douchebags from the previous two films who are having a double wedding: Buck marries Chloe, and Rayford marries some chick named Amanda White, and the group is happy for the time being.

But soon the lives of these characters will intersect with that of President Fitzhugh and other people, as Nicolae's sinister plan of poisoning Bibles with anthrax and the inevitable outbreak of Armageddon loom over humanity and they must join forces to stop the Antichrist.

If you haven't noticed, the story is completely fucking stupid in every damn way it could be. And, as it is a Left Behind film, it takes itself far too seriously, resulting in a horrendously dull and joyless tone. There is no reason to care about the douchebag characters who possess less depth than a cardboard cutout in a clothing store, no reason to care about the thriller elements which are so utterly implausible that they may actually cause brain damage if the viewer attempts to take them seriously, religious elements that ring false and sensationalize rather than have anything meaningful to say about religion or faith, endless and unbearably smug sermonizing that will grate on the nerves of the viewer, and more.

The storyline is an utter disaster, as is the vicious nature of the Left Behind franchise. If there is even something slightly interesting, if it's a Left Behind film, it is going to ruin anything that has the potential to be interesting. It also becomes quite painful to endure when it tries to be dramatic and heartfelt, which was impossible to feel as I hated these characters and wished more of them died so I wouldn't have to put up with them anymore and the film would end faster.

However, I will give the film some credit by giving Kirk Cameron less screen time than the previous two films, and wisely giving the vastly superior Louis Gossett, Jr. much more screen time. The smug, narcissistic asshole, Kirk Cameron, still plagues this film like a vicious, inoperable cancer, but at least his presence is not as painful this time around. Still, Kirk Cameron's Buck Williams character is still the biggest douchebag of the characters and still isn't remotely likable and is only a major detriment to the film's quality.

The only actor who is of any quality is Louis Gossett, Jr. who provides the only good performance not only in this film, but in the entire Left Behind franchise. What the hell are you doing here, Mr. Gossett?! You were in An Officer And A Gentleman, for God's sake! That was a great film! Hell, even Jaws 3 was a better career move than starring in a Left Behind film (At least Jaws 3 had the courtesy of unintentional camp value)! Despite this rather saddening career move, his performance is still surprisingly good...but that's because he's an actor with actual talent who is the presence of people who possess no acting talent whatsoever.

Then we get to Kirk Cameron...dear God, Kirk motherfucking Cameron who makes Megan Fox look like Katharine Hepburn by comparison because his acting is so unspeakably bad. This man has no business being within 100 feet of Louis Gossett, Jr., let alone starring in a film with him and even appearing in some scenes with him. The aura of his smug douchebaggery and narcissism hang over this film like the worst bathroom disaster smells imaginable, and even beyond that. Much like any film he appears in, he becomes a vicious disease that inevitably kills the film.

Granted, his performance here is an improvement over his role in the previous two films, but it's not a major improvement. No, he is still just as unlikable and not worth rooting for. Instead, you'll be wanting the Antichrist to kick his ass. None of the other actors are worth talking about because none of them outside of Louis Gossett, Jr. give good performances, nor do they perform quite as horribly as Kirk Cameron, thus they are forgettable and not worth mentioning.

One thing that get my hopes up with this film was the inclusion of more action. I must say that I had a blast watching the scene where President Fitzhugh is ambushed which results in many exploding vehicles and even a chase scene, but that was the first and last time I felt any sense of joy watching this as an action film. As a thriller, there is nothing for a viewer to sink their teeth into as there is no suspense, no intriguing plot elements, or any reason to give a damn. As a drama there is no emotion or reasons to care about a bunch of douchebags and what their fates might be. It fails at action, it fails at thriller, it fails at drama, and it certainly fails as a religious film, as it will only end up insulting those who are not fanatical about their beliefs.

Sure, this one sucked the least, but it still sucked a whole lot of ass. Only fanatics and Kirk Cameron fans need apply. No one else is going to be satisfied, not even if you enjoy stupid, low-budget turds. It's a hollow, empty, dull, and incredibly stupid film in a franchise chock-full of stupid films and ideas. Avoid this franchise at all costs.
½ November 22, 2014
Not a perfect movie by Hollywood standards. But, if you look past its imperfections to its heart
½ June 23, 2014
Had really great potential after the second one... but it completely disregards the ending events of Tribulation force and goes to another story that still has a chance but fails miserably. The last 15 minutes were okay, but the rest of it was a disgrace to Christianity.
September 20, 2013
I like this movie a lot
May 26, 2013
Love it! based on the book of Revelations time of tribulation...
Super Reviewer
May 14, 2013
How stupid does Mr. Baxley think the audience is? Incompetent acting punctuated by absurd dialogue. This is pure trash. Yuck!
½ February 23, 2013
Story: 4/5

Yes, I know many people have problems with Left Behind's stance on "the end times," but much of Bible prophecy is difficult to interpret; you have to accept that this is just two authors' account of how it could happen, not necessarily how it will. Still, it spins an action/adventure yarn that is better than Jerusalem Countdown's, and really kept me on the edge of my seat.

Production Values: 4/5

All of the actors did exceptionally well. The action sequences were well-portrayed, though some of the special effects were a bit cheesy; one explosion even reminded me of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Still, the rest of the movie is so solid and gripping that you probably won't care.

Content: 3.5/5

The MPAA rated this "PG-13 for violence," and there are plenty of explosions, shootings, and other violent acts to go around...but this is inappropriate for young children for other reasons as well. An extramarital affair is discussed with decorum, but talk of it will likely confuse young children, and Chloe promising her husband, "I will comfort you with my body," during their wedding might garner some questions from a seven-year-old that his parents aren't quite ready to answer yet. Not only that, but even some of the non-violent scenes are creepy; one character has a rather frightening nightmare about Carpathia. In this case, I would suggest taking the "PG-13" seriously, though, depending on the kid, it might be appropriate for preteens, too; still, anyone younger than ten should wait until they're older.

Conclusion: I was once a member on an online forum where a preacher said he didn't care for the Left Behind films because they lacked the action that the books had. Apparently, World at War hadn't come out yet when he said that, because this film has plenty of intensity. From what I hear, they're planning on remaking the Left Behind film series; at least the original one ended on a high note. Fans of the Jenkins/LaHaye book series are in for a treat.

Score: 4.5/5
January 19, 2013
World at war wasn't one of the books but fits in and love this movie
½ January 7, 2013
The best of the series but still not a blockbuster hit.
December 7, 2012
Want to see at some point in the future! A treat !
October 19, 2012
its coming quik u better make up your mind before it is to late
½ June 13, 2012
Great God, this is an awful film.
April 27, 2012
I bought it knowing I would like it. I wasn't disappointed.
April 6, 2012
this movie is really cool
March 11, 2012
January 21, 2012
The best in the series!
January 4, 2012
I haven't seen it yet but i am positive that it will be as good if not better than the first two (The Movie and Tribulation Force)
August 3, 2011
Good movie if you can detach yourself from the books. This does not follow the magnificent storyline written by LaHaye and Jenkins... really not even close. Do yourself a favor after you watch the movies: read the books... all of them.
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