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Little Dorrit (Nobody's Fault) (Little Dorrit's Story)1988

Little Dorrit (Nobody's Fault) (Little Dorrit's Story) (1988)





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The second of two parts, the first being "Nobody's Fault," this is a production of Charles Dickens' most popular novel. One of those unfortunate movies that people say you will "either hate or love," the main deficit in this case seems to be an inadequate screenplay. The first part involves an ineffectual young man whose life is changed when he meets a young girl living in debtor's prison with her father. This is a low-budget film that tends toward slow motion when this second part uses up the first half of the movie simply reviewing the first part. For those who have already seen the first part, this scene by scene recreation is tedious at best. Still, the story itself is a faithful depiction of the plight of man's suffering and the triumph of human compassion.

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Derek Jacobi
as Arthur Clennam
Alec Guinness
as William Dorrit
Roshan Seth
as Mr. Pancks
Sarah Pickering
as Little Dorrit
Darlene Johnson
as Mrs. Robinson
Gerald Campion
as Mr. Tetterby
Alan Bennett
as The Bishop
Eleanor Bron
as Mrs. Merdle
Amelda Brown
as Fanny Dorrit
Brenda Bruce
as Duchess
Daniel Chatto
as Tip Dorrit
Cyril Cusack
as Frederick Dorrit
Dermot Crowley
as Mr. Simpson
Michael Elphick
as Mr. Merdle
Robert Putt
as Mr. Chivery
Miriam Margolyes
as Flora Finching
Joan Greenwood
as Mrs. Clennam
Max Wall
as Flintwitch
Bill Fraser
as Mr. Casby
Roger Hammond
as Mr. Meagles
Sophie Ward
as Minnie Meagles
John Savident
as Tite Barnacle
Edward Burnham
as Daniel Doyce
Robert Morley
as Lord Decimus Barnacle
Amanda Bellamy
as Housemaid
Luke Duckett
as Young Arthur
Molly Maureen
as Mr. F.'s Aunt
Diana Malin
as Mr. Casby's Maid
Janice Cramer
as Young Flora
Kathy Staff
as Mrs. Tickit
Julia Lang
as Henry Gowan's Mother
Pip Torrens
as Henry Gowan
Graham Seed
as William Barnacle
Beth Ellis
as Mrs. William Barnacle
Ian Gelder
as Rev. Samuel Barnacle
Lee Fox
as Richard Barnacle
Robert Mill
as Hugh Stilstalking
Dawn Charatan
as Mrs. Ismay
Brian Pettifer
as Clarence Barnacle
John Harding
as Ferdinand Barnacle
Alec Wallis
as Discreet Clerk
Michael Mears
as Clerk with the Quill
Ken Morley
as Mr. Wobbler
John Quarmby
as Circumlocution Office Porter
Donald Pelmear
as Mr. Clive
Arthur Nightingale
as Shabby Footman
David Stoll
as Hesitant Weighty Gentleman
Donald Bisset
as Enthusiastic Weighty Gentleman
Christopher Birch
as Cautious Weighty Gentleman
Harry Cross
as Little Dorrit as a Child
Harold Innocent
as Mr. Rugg, Legal Adviser
David Pugh
as Mr. Parker, a Creditor
Terence Conoley
as Mr. Fogg, a Creditor
Richard Henry Dana Jr.
as Smiles, Foreman
David Doyle
as Pepper, Apprentice
Chris Darwin
as Fraudulent Groom
Ruth Mitchell
as Mrs. Plornish
Leon Davis
as Fraudulent Groom
Eric Francis
as Old Nandy, Mrs. P's Father
Kate Williams
as Mrs. Greasby
Ronnie Brody
as Broke Tenant
Joan Dainty
as Broke Tenant's Wife
Susan Field
as Mrs. Tiffin
Robert Demeger
as Mr. Braddle
Cordelia Ditton
as Mrs. Braddle
David Thewlis
as George Braddle
Harry Whittingham
as Plornish Children
Rita Triesman
as Mrs. Tetterby
Betty Turner
as Mrs. Kidgerbury
Eve Whittingham
as Plornish Children
Moya Brady
as Fiddler's Daughter
John Fahey
as Seller of Secondhand Furniture
Joanna Maude
as Wife of Seller of Secondhand Furniture
Iris Sadler
as Shirtmaker
Joanna Brookes
as Shirtmaker's Daughter
Nat Pearn
as Mr. Strong
Cyril Epstein
as Mr. Strong's Friend
Alan Bungay
as Principal Messenger
Howard Goorney
as Bob, the Turnkey
Liz Smith
as Mrs. Bangham, Midwife
Gwenda Hughes
as Mrs. Dorrit
Murray Melvin
as Dancing Master
Anna Whittingham
as Plornish Children
Richard Cubison
as Mr. Simpson's Friend
Arthur Blake
as Herbert Smangle
John Scott Martin
as Faded Involvent
David Trevena
as Tidily Buttoned Man
David Bale
as Lucky Skittle Player
Anthony Benson
as Unlucky Skittle Player
Ian Lindsay
as Capt. Martin
Doug Roe
as Capt. Martin's Friend
Tom McCabe
as Rough Fellow
Ramon Martino
as Gruff Fellow
Joan Stafford
as Rough Lady
Terry Day
as Mrs. Hurt
Katherine Best
as Lady Visitor
Yvonee D'Alpra
as Motherly Lady
Robin Meredith
as Ruined Speculator
Tony Jay
as Doctor
Lizzie McKenzie
as Drunken Woman
Ricky Cave
as Tip (age 12)
Richard Stirling
as John Chivery
Pauline Quirke
as Maggy, Little Dorrit's Protegee
Heathcote Williams
as Dr. Haggage
Charlie Bartle
as Mr. Battens
David Foxxe
as Mr. Mivvins
James Coyle
as Horace Kinch
Maurice Elliot
as Snuggery Gambler
Jack Gittings
as Old Gambler
John McEnery
as Capt. Hopkins
Marilyn Milgrom
as Mrs. Hopkins
Marjorie Somerville
as Lady by Snuggery
John Warner
as Bootmaker
Peter Miles
as Mr. Dubbin
Laura Cox
as Orange Juggler
John Halstead
as Mr. Mortimer
Charles Hunter Walsh
as Mr. Mortimer's Friend
Irene Frederick
as Mrs. Pitt
Leonard Maguire
as Knowledgeable Debtor
Judy Laister
as Anxious Wife
Mike Carnel
as Lonely Debtor
Tommy Shand
as Mr. Cain
Pierre Olivier Bardet
as Hotel Manager
Tim Wright
as Hotel Porter
Odette Bennett
as Fanny's Maid
Ian Hogg
as Butler
Edward Jewesbury
as Magnate from the Lords
Jonathan Cecil
as Magnate from the Bench
Brian Poyser
as Treasury
Trevor Ray
as Magnate from the City
Betty Marsden
as Mrs. Phoebe Barnacle
Paul Rhys
as Bright Young Gentleman
Barbara Peak
as Countess
Ronald Russell
as Elderly Gentleman
Arthur Hewlett
as Physician
Giles Oldershaw
as Imposing Gentleman
John Tordoff
as Waiter in the Coffee House
Christopher Hancock
as Customer in the Coffee House
Jo Warne
as Mrs. Chivery, Tobacconist
Fred Beauman
as Flower Seller
Alan Foss
as Mr. Bead
Michael Eaves
as Narrow-Faced Man
Alison Dowling
as Pretty Milliner
Sidney Johnson
as Print seller
Mark "Flex" Knox
as Print Seller's Clerk
Frank Shelley
as Disagreeable Man
John Dalby
as Mr. Jobling
David Cardy
as 3 Thimble Man
Eric Richard
as Sir George Wills
Guy Nicholls
as Mr. Wabe
David Whitworth
as James Simms
Eli Woods
as Greedy-Eyed Old Man
Charles Simon
as Sharp Speculator
Stanley Lloyd
as Mr. Wrosley
Peter Waddington
as Boy at Theater
Arthur Cox
as Stage Carpenter
Billy Gray
as Stage Doorman
Danny Schiller
as Reveller in the Slap Bang
Lin Sagovsky
as Hotel Maid
Elizabeth Archer
as Lady in Concert
Carol Street
as Woman at Dance
Sandra O'Rourke
as Fanny as a Child
Fiona MacAlpine
as Dancer in Theatre
Amanda Maxwell
as Dancer in Theatre
Diana Paris
as Dancer in Theatre
Mollie Maureen
as Mr. F's Aunt
Shona Morris
as Dancer in Theatre
Stewart Permutt
as Quarreling Debtor
John Levitt
as Quarrelling Debtor
Alfred Hoffman
as Old Couple
Nadine Large
as Lady in Concert
Joanna Hurley
as Fanny as a Child
Anthea Holloway
as Society Lady
Cazz Scattergood
as Dancer in Theatre
Arthur Kelly
as Reveller in the Slap Bang
Sam Steer
as John Chivery at Ages 4 and 8
Sally Ashby
as Society Lady
Rebecca Ham
as Dancer in Theatre
Cate Fowler
as Woman at Dance
Jackie Ekers
as Dancer in Theatre
Terence Connolly
as Mr. Fogg, a Creditor
Sarrina Caruthers
as Little Dorrit as a Child
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Not terribly captivating despite the stellar lineup. I think I have little patience for Dickens translations. I blame reading Bleak House and feeling ill afterwards.

John Ballantine
John Ballantine

Super Reviewer

Dickensian England is being described as a manipulative conversion of buffoons and upper class crooks and that adaptation is no exception to Charles' spirit.Edzard keeps a low profile and with the ever-mighty Guinness,the precise decoration of 19th century England,notwithstanding the fading background of alleys,moist corners..the book's rich complexity doesn't wither.

Dimitris Springer
Dimitris Springer

Super Reviewer

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