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½ January 23, 2012
Okay, this was the 2nd half of an Asia Argento boxset, neither of which were all that impressive, to be perfectly honest.

A con man spending his life scamming his way into high class parties uses the name of a mysterious socialite to gain entry to a party, then is approached by the host, who offers him cold hard cash for a meeting with his supposed friend.

This sends him on a strange journey to find this man, who is always accompanied by a woman, played by Argento. The main issue I kind of have with this film is that I went into it looking for an Asia Argento movie, only to find out that she isn't even in the first half hour, then she's more of a peripheral character, as we follow our boring lead around more than anything.

Nothing you have to run out and track down, but if you're a completist, go for it?
½ May 31, 2010
Les deambulations nocturnes d'un jeune Parisien sur lesquelles vient se greffer une histoire de vampires incestueux apportant une touche de polar fantastique. Divertissant certes, mais le manque de profondeur fait que l'on ne s'implique jamais dans ce recit qui devient au fur et a mesure de plus en plus vain, et on se fout un peu de ces personnages superficiels. En plus, techniquement c'est pas terrible du tout, notamment la photo pale pour sans doute illustrer l'etat de fatigue et le climat irreel mais qui est d'une laideur... Une curiosite : la participation musicale de la chanteuse Camille le temps d'une chanson dans un cabaret visite par l'ami du heros (mauvais Gerard Lanvin...)
February 27, 2010
Impressive cinematography.
September 5, 2009
Guillaume Canet & Asia Argento starring in this varied-elements film- horror, dramatic, comedic, erotic, vampire, mobsters.
February 4, 2009

Asia is so sexy!!!

Its a very UNDERRATED film...

Watch it if u have the chance
½ January 16, 2009
je ne compte plus le nombre de fois que je l'ai vu ce film ///
December 14, 2008
only somewhat interesting vampire flick set in the fetishist world of Parisian night clubs and back alley ways....or something...
March 28, 2008
A little 'wooly' in places and could of been tightened up a little. Asia - brilliant as always but sadly a little under-used.
February 5, 2008
better read the book...
December 14, 2007
Les morsures de l'aube. Un bon "polar"
November 8, 2007
Boring and pointless, even Asia Argento doesn't make it watchable. Why??
October 15, 2007
"Les Morsures De L'Aube". Living in the UK it's always something of a surprise to be reminded that back in France Antoine De Caune has a career that doesn't revolve around ironically interviewing German swingers. Here he directs a gallic take on the ol' 'met a vampire in a nightclub' story, which I think may becoming a genre in its own right. The dialogue between the two male leads lifts the movie above the completely mundane, but there's not much new here and the ending is something of a banal cheat.
½ September 11, 2007
not bad at all, Asia Argento is so breath taking.
July 27, 2007
unfortunatly this film has been deleted, the only place i have found a copy is ebay
July 14, 2007
Un film qui commence tres bien avec une belle galerie de personnages. Mais la fin est baclee et gache la bonne impression generale.
½ June 26, 2007
Very misleading and complex movie that never bored me.
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