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May 31, 2012
The BFI those bastions of good taste have an in house DVD brand called the Flipside which specialises in obscure and down right strange British Movies .

The film from Pete Walker is strange alright in fact its in the so bad its good catergory.
The film was orginally called Moon ,but i guess the problem there was Moon wreaking a trail of destruction acorss London folks might think the drummer of the Who was on another night out.

The film feels likie a Primark gangster flick with Michael Latimer playing the Moon of the title playing off both sides in a gang war over missing gold.

Director Pete Walker would become better known for his mighty fine Exploitation horror movies such as Frightmare.

Here its all dolly birds ,terrible acting and a travelogue of Tunis thrown iinto the mix .the film is that bad and yet in has a certain charm with its nice line in violence and cliched swinging sixties vibe.

Lets hope the BFI continue with the Flipside as it really does expand your pallet if you thought Brit movies were all corsets and top hats.
February 18, 2012
It's "The Maltese Falcon" ... 70s British exploitation style!
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