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In Marked for Death, Steven Seagal is told to "try to find the gentle person inside yourself." But he doesn't spend too much time looking, preferring instead to crack the spines of his victims. Seagal plays John Hatcher, a burned-out narcotics agent who resigns from the Drug Enforcement Administration after his partner is killed. He returns to his hometown and finds the city in the thrall of a vicious Jamaican drug gang, led by the nasty Screwface (Basil Wallace). He meets an old friend, now a high school football coach, who tells John about losing his best player and his 13-year-old nephew to drug overdoses. Soon John's family is threatened and his prize Mustang stolen, so John joins forces with his buddy to take on Screwface and the drug gang themselves.

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Steven Seagal
as John Hatcher
Basil Wallace
as Screwface
Tom Wright
as Charles
Bette Ford
as Kate Hatcher
Tony DiBenedetto
as Jimmy Fingers
Kevin Dunn
as Roselli
Peter Jason
as Pete Stone
Carlos Cervantes
as Little Richard
Wayne Montanio
as Mexican Bouncer
Earl Boen
as Dr. Stein
Stanley White
as Sheriff O'Dwyer
Dale Harimoto
as News Reporter
Noel L. Walcott III
as Posse Leader
Prince Ital Joe
as Dread with Hostage
Andria Martel
as Young Stripper
Nick Celozzi
as Man in High Hart Bar
Craig Pinkard
as Bartender
Matt O'Toole
as Yuppie Dealer
Linus Huffman
as DEA Agent
Kerrie Cullen
as Department Store Hostage
Jimmy Cliff
as Himself
Tony Williams
as Jimmy Cliff Band
Matt Levin
as Boy #1
Leslie Danon
as Girl #1
Terri Ivens
as Girl #2
Tracey Burch
as Sexy Girl #1
Teri Weigel
as Sexy Girl #2
Roger Romero Godbout
as Band in McGilly's
Harry John Leamy
as Band in McGilly's
John Endeveri
as Band in McGilly's
Christopher Allen Goss
as Band in McGilly's
Libert Steer
as Reggae Band
Philip Chen
as Reggae Band
Rock Deadrick
as Reggae Band
Einstein Brown
as Reggae Band
Eric Bernard
as Reggae Band
Haile Maskel
as Reggae Band
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Critic Reviews for Marked for Death

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Seagal looks like James Belushi on steroids and talks in a whisper but is convincing in his martial arts moves.

June 18, 2020 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

Marked for Death is at its best when focused on the comings and goings of the take-no-prisoners protagonist...

November 10, 2020 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

A bondafide Seagal classic!

February 3, 2009 | Rating: 3/5

Routine violence with one neat twist at the end.

March 5, 2006 | Rating: 4/10

Like almost all of Seagal's pictures -- it's horrid.

July 30, 2003 | Rating: 0/5

Typical Seagal formula.

July 26, 2002 | Rating: 1/5

Audience Reviews for Marked for Death

Steven Seagal was the man back in the hey day of mindless action movies, and this one was an interesting change from the usual cop thrillers. Seagal play a retiring DEA agent, having had enough of the drugs and evils of his job, so he quits, makes his confession and gos back home to recuperate and forget about it all. The problem is, the Rastafarian gangs are taking over, taking drug dealing to a whole new level with provocative violence and stir crazy mythology, led by the psychotic Screwface, a supreme being amongst his men and feared by everyone. When Seagal interferes in a nightclub shootout, he and his family are cursed and marked for death by the gang, so its time to kick ass of course! Anyways, what i liked about this movie was the change of pace and the bad guys, the Jamaicans are a scary bunch when hopped up on drugs and twisted immortality. Of course, there is a plot and background to the story, but it disappears in the first half when Seagal loses his cool and declares war on the gangs. Action, things that go BOOOM and a pretty hectic car chase which ends with a nice jump into a jewelery story, and finally the showdown at the end which consists of a duel with swords. Anyways, the only problem you will face is understanding what the rastas are saying. I was alright with it, but hell it took me time to fully understand a rasta accent and language, so subtitles will help heaps. XD Anyways, another 90's action flick, and Seagal is smooth as usual. It even has a great scene in the crappy script, where Seagal meets his partner after killing one guy and watching a Rasta jump out a window to his death.... "One thought he was immortal and the other thought he could fly. Both were wrong." XD

Khris N
Khris N

Super Reviewer

Seagal in his typical "good guy cleaning up the streets from drugs" role, but this time it's against Jamaicans. Not his best role, this movie is disappointing and even throws in a twin brother for good (?) measure. It's unlike Seagal's other movies around this time, but not as bad as his later ones. Nice to see Keith David in this, though. He's an incredibly underrated actor.

Derek Daniels
Derek Daniels

Super Reviewer

Seagal, Voodoo, I like it.

Lenny Muggsy
Lenny Muggsy

Super Reviewer

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