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½ February 23, 2013
It drags on in places
September 26, 2009
I remember seeing this series during its original run and liking it a lot. I also read the novel by Sidney Sheldon where this series was based on and the adaptation was spot on in terms of how they presented the story and its characters. It was not altered like what they did with Rage of Angels when they changed the character from being the President of the US to being the Vice President. Of course, don?t expect a scenes by scene reproduction of the book. That rarely happens anyway when a novel is adapted into film. What you will get though is a series that faithfully captured the essence of Sidney Sheldon?s novel about family, greed, ambition, power, and money. It took some time for CBS to issue this on DVD, but it was worth watching it again. Master of the Game is great storytelling, the acting good to great. The series , except for a few scenes on Part 1 that are overly long are paced well, and does not come off as dated, or looking like an 80?s TV show. Dyan Cannon played both the young and old Kate Blackwell and I think I liked her more in her role as the old Kate. She was convincing as Kate, disarming people around her with her charm as she schemes to get them follow her wishes without them knowing it. But the revelation in terms of acting was Liane Langland who played the twins Alexandra and Eve as she was able to give both characters a personality different from the other.

With regards to the DVD itself, there are no extras or special features, and the quality is what you will expect if you were watching a standard television broadcast. The first 10 to 20 minutes of Part 2 comes off as poorly edited with scenes and even dialogue jumping from one to the other. The scenes were on Kate as a little girl, her childhood crush on David Blackwell, being sent to a boarding school, and her first meeting with Banda. At first, I thought that I was watching a trailer of what the next episode is about, but when I checked the chapter play I realized that was how it was edited. I do not remember it that way during its original broadcast, but that was a long time ago. My guess is that parts of the original were damaged that they have to edit the scenes out and salvage what they can. But even with that, you will be able to pick up the gist of those scenes . Aside from that some scenes also displayed some graininess, but not to the point that it will turn you off into watching or enjoying the series. Overall, I recommend this series to those who watched the original run and fans of Sidney Sheldon?s works, or folks who want some good drama solid drama.
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