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May 11, 2014
Wonderfully rendered adaptation of Eliot's masterpiece. Filled with all the color, emotions, and complexity of provincial England near the end of the Georgian era and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. This mini-series holds up well after 20 years: it is well worth the time to view, even if you have already seen before.
November 4, 2013
A faithful reproduction from the original novel. Not entirely convinced about the leading actress -- seems to be much older than the character in the book, which made her mistake in marriage somewhat implausible.
½ October 30, 2011
It was alright, a pretty decent enough series but all the characters are just too narrowly written and seemed one dimensional. I dislike characters who are too perfect and good like Dorothea Brooke (Aubrey), no one is that wholesome, it makes me distrust them all the more. I like characters who are flawed but with redeeming qualities, like Fred Vincy (Firth), that's when you root for them to succeed because they worked so hard for it.
½ May 29, 2011
Good, but it could have been better.
April 12, 2011
A few parts we skipped, but overall not bad...I wasn't entirely happy about the ending for Dorothea, though. Some lessons could be learned from this movie, but I'm not sure it's worth the 6 hours we spent watching it.
½ February 28, 2010
Dumme Lovefilm som bare sender cd 1 av 2. Gud vet når jeg får se resten.
February 20, 2010
Remarkably well cast, but this story is just too sprawling to fit into a mini-series. There is no substitute for reading George Eliot.
½ September 24, 2009
Normally I love BBC period films but this one was even slow for me.
September 13, 2009
This unfortunately was not to my liking. I was more interested in the secondary relationships instead of the one I was supposed to be into. Not to say that I didn't like the two main characters but their relationship did not develop to my taste. Not enough "romance" to spark my fascination.
June 27, 2009
The idea of several intertwining storylines is nice, but not so great when none of the characters are sympathetic and the main character (appropriately nicknamed "Dodo") is positively IRRITATING. I just couldn't sit through the whole thing when it became apparent that I could fast-forward to Rufus Sewell's scenes without missing a beat. (Mmmm, Rufus Sewell...)
Super Reviewer
March 28, 2009
No thankyou - Not interested
January 22, 2009
after surviving the confusing first episode, it was really quite good.
January 1, 2009
Middlemarch is no simple book to tackle, even for a six hour movie. Yet this mini-series adapts this broad and sweeping novel with apparent ease. Some of the nuances, such as Ladislaw's connection to Bulstrode, were lost amongst the dozens of other stories. An explanation of family connections, such as Mary Garth's relationship with Mr. Featherstone, were also left unexplained, The distinction in social class is also harder to discern. Yet the majority of the story and themes were translated with care and precision. Despite the numerous characters, they were each introduced in such a way as to minimize confusion. The acting was superb all around, aided in no small part by the excellent screenplay. Rufus Sewell and Juliet Aubrey were particularly engrossing. My one major gripe is the ending of their story, which was so much grander in the novel. In all other respects a marvelous achievement.
½ December 3, 2008
a lovely film, not perfect because for me there is not enough romance, however it shows the main themes of the story well.

it is romantic and dramatic.

it enlightens you and with so many stories going on there's always something to keep an eye on.

a good cast, sewell and aubrey play off each other brilliantly and are great.

a nice enough film, just very long but i supose its expected form a 900! page book.
October 20, 2008
Everyone's good here. It's just hard to like the plot line. Eliot has no sympathy for any of here characters.
September 4, 2008
Hard to get through the first episode, but very glad we stuck with it and watched the whole thing. The characters were good although some of them needed a good smack upside the head.
April 13, 2008
it was well acted but a movie adapted from a novel can only reach the same level of interest as the novel itself. based on the story, dialog, and character development alone i would have given it only 2 stars. i tried to read the novel when i was younger and found it dull and hard to finish. i wrote it off as youthful ignorance. almost 2 decades have passed and the mini-series was just as tedious as the novel. she is often compared to jane austen. jane austen is a better writer by far.
March 12, 2008
I liked it a lot. Made me want to read the book. I did not know much about George Elliot, did not realize she was sort of a Jane Austen with an edge. I liked the sympathetic portrayal of the characters and a certain forgiveness Elliot offers her creations in spite of all their blunders. Great stuff.
½ March 9, 2008
It was ok not as good as most BBC movies
February 10, 2008
Call me a romantic, but I'm a huge fan of epic, period dramas and this one did not disappoint with its unrequited loves and thwarted dreams.
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