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July 26, 2016
160725: I've wanted, for years, to see this film again. Well, I finally got it, but it turned out to be a counterfeit copy. Quality wasn't the greatest but it was all there...I think. Still love this film. Not sure why it is but the story of Tom Horn has always appealed to me. Features Al Sieber (Richard Widmark) but even more cool, and I'd forgotten, features Mikey Free (James Oliver). Great watching. David Carradine is perfect as Horn and makes this whole film complete. Still loving it 37 years later. Hopefully they'll put out a proper Blu-Ray because it would be mandatory for my collection.
½ April 4, 2009
This TVM is superior to the Steve McQueen movie about the same historical figure. It stats as a young Tom Horn serves as a scout and tracker in the U.S. Army chasing Geronimo's band through the arid American Southwest in the 1870s. By the early 20th Century, he is acting as a range detective or regulator. But the Wild West is over and the forces pushing for statehood do not look kindly on a man who is essentially paid to kill rustlers and his own employers are quick to abandon Horn when he is accused of murdering an innocent settler. I wish this film was available on DVD but I doubt it was even released on VHS. Carradine is great in the role, you are never 100% sure of Horn but you sympathize with him as being a man who's time had come and gone.
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