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½ November 11, 2014
Solid (but with no frills) entry in the long running Charlie Chan series, falling into the admittedly lesser half of the serial featuring Sidney Toler and lower budgets. Charlie is visiting a police convention in New York and Number Two Son Jimmy tags along. This time, the case to crack is one of sabotage and as usual there are a number of murders and a number of suspects. As is also typical, some of these suspects are easily confused - nevertheless, Charlie catches the right one! Shemp Howard appears in a bit part as a phony "East Indian!"
½ February 11, 2013
Good cast, strong plot in solid Chan mystery--Saboteurs and poisonous gas!!
½ October 17, 2012
1.5: Hmm. I was prompted to watch these by an article in The New Yorker that I read a year or two ago. I wasn't expecting them to be outstanding, but I was expecting something better than this. I have now seen essentially every Charlie Chan film, or at least all that were made between 1931 and 1947 (29 films). What struck me most is that these really have more in common with a television show than a feature film. Each film is essentially the same except for the "location." I guess it makes sense as they serve essentially the same purpose. One can essentially watch every film on auto-pilot comfortable in the knowledge that one knows exactly which characters will pop up and that everything will be satisfactorily resolved in the end. They are "C" picture at best. Sidney Toler is pretty good; Warner Toland is somewhat acceptable; and the other two one picture no-names are either inconsequential or awful. It is rather ludicrous that they didn't allow an actual Asian actor to play the role, but the portrayal of African-American's is much more heinous. They certainly pale in comparison to just about every other detective picture/TV series I've ever seen. None of the films rate an individual review so this will have to suffice for all 29.
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½ January 20, 2012
Another great Charlie Chan Film, this one is about the sabotage of a airplane that's being built for the USA government. Like all the Chan films with Toler in it not only is there mystery but comedy throughout. This film has a guess appearance of Shemp from the Three Stooges. Supposed to be in New York, but when at the airport landing in NY you see mountains in background. Doubt that any off this film was actually taken in NY. Still worth 3 1/2 stars
½ September 23, 2011
One of the more delirous Channers, this immensly watchable Chan features some awful racism against Hindu people (Yes, well aware that Toler is not asian), stupid cops, a great pace, and a pretty wild ending. Toler is still quite intolerable as Chan. But oh well.
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