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December 30, 2018
Loved it.
Maybe it has a bad horror classification; but as a supernatural thriller it really hits the mark.
Neat twists, great hints and literary easter eggs, atmosphere and story.
The ending fell a littlw flat compared to the overall experience but it's forgiven for the great way to handle the mistery
November 14, 2018
hmmm. as long as the film borderlines inbetween reality and mysticism, this is a good movie making you wait for more. but as soon as the muses begin to explain to others (actually to you, the viewer) the tangled storyline, it´s turning into a really cheap, worn-out horrorflic.
½ August 8, 2018
Excellent movie. Well done. Keeps you on edge.
½ June 2, 2018
Horror hispano demasiado comercial.
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