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March 26, 2012
This sci-fi TV movie has stayed embedded in my subconscious ever since I was a kid and I was desperate to find and watch it again. I loved superhero movies and the like back then and I was oblivious to cheesy films, terrible plots, laughable dialogue and poor acting. Obviously this film holds a certain nostalgia for me and therefore I am somewhat biased towards it. It's very 80's, especially in terms of it's special effects, even down to the catchy electronic music score which sounds a little like John Carpenter. However inept and ridiculous the film may get it's still an enjoyable piece of trash.
½ May 24, 2010
From what I remember as a kid some spaceman gets blinded by the Star and gains super powers were his eyes glow n bulge yellow or red depending on how mad he got , as a 7yr old I loved it but bet if i watched it now itd be like a camcorder filmed movie , still happy memories.
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