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February 8, 2008
Top action star, Joey Scalini (Tony Schiena) flies over to help judge a beauty contest held by his less-than-nice friend Dragos Molnar (Vinnie Jones), an event he holds once a year. However, Dragos has a rule stating 'don't touch my number one girl', a hot British girl who he hopes will win. Unfortunately the action star can't help himself and an enraged Dragos closes down the night club and forces Joey into a deathmatch - if he wins, he can walk out with her. That's pretty much the entire film. Some advice: If you think the cover looks cool, don't rent it. If you like a lot of action, don't rent it. You have to wait until the last 20 minutes for the first fight scene! It's low budget acting with an average martial arts fight to end it and some eye candy thrown in for some good measure.
½ February 7, 2008
I wish I could give this increadibly terrible, horrible movie a rating lower than a half star. 70 minutes of bull then 20 minutes of the worst fight scene ever to be watched. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
January 28, 2008
Awful. Poor script and acting of childish standards. Even Vinnie Jones is better than least I dozed off and missed a few bits !! - hoorah !!
Dont view !!
½ January 24, 2008
One of the shittest movies he's done, this is bad, badly dubbed, shit fight screen right at the end! poor poor poor not even the miss world were anything to look at!
January 16, 2008
F****n soul destroying mind numbing pap, never should be seen by anyone
December 17, 2007
Okay, so I admit, this movie is a bit of a trainwreck. But its a beautiful disaster. I couldn't stop watching because for some reason I really cared about the outcome of the movie. The editing is weird, some would say bad, but it looks intentional. Good 'ol Mr. Miyagi is also in it and actually pretty good. All in all, not bad for 2 in the morning.
October 22, 2007
i usually like Vinnie Jones but this was pretty bad. very low production values with a terrible plot and performances. this looks like some film students home work.
½ August 7, 2007
Bad acting, no plot, weak editing, poor shots, no direction....but Vinnie Jones, still sucked....Really bad
½ July 19, 2007
Absolute Pile of Shit, the acting, directing and plot are terrible. I'd rather watch paint dry on growing grass!!!
June 18, 2007
dumb dumb dumb.
u wouldn't want to see it, honestly!
June 7, 2007
worst movie ever made!
May 16, 2007
Prettttty Dissapointed with this one...
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