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November 29, 2017
The night of the battle of the hackers!

I have been longing to watch this film since it was out, only now it had happened. There are not many hacking film that could satisfy thoroughly. Well, I haven't found as impressive as the recent 'Who Am I'. This film was more like partially a found-footage type. Everything was from webcams and phone cams. Not exactly truthful to the reality. Even people with basic knowledge about computers would know that. But entertainment was there. I enjoyed it, mainly because of the speed and being an edgy.

Well, a contest winner is waiting in his hotel room for his dinner date with a celebrity in the later night. While he was updating his blog, someone hacks his computer and gives more contents for the blog than he had thought of. But soon it all plays out differently. Now he's the hacker's puppet, and must follow everything he says or the consequences would be serious. How far it all goes and how it all ends are the remaining story to tell us.

As I said not the best in this theme, but watchable film. Everything was a one night event. Slowly started and then picked up the pace before ending on a high. The end was not good, the twist. At least that's how I felt. Should have been better, yet acceptable. Elijah was good. I just checked it out after seeing his nice act in his latest Netflix film. The rest of the cast was fine too. A Spanish film in English language. Soon I'm going to check out the 'Colossal' from this same director. So it is a good time pass film and you might enjoy it as I did.

½ September 30, 2017
completely nonsensical but I admire the risk taken to shoot an original film.
½ September 27, 2016
Goes completely off the rails the last half hour and throws crap at the wall to see what sticks....a waste of a movie night.
September 1, 2016
An unbelievably absurd but riveting to watch. Grey surprised with her pretty well acted performance. Wood as always at his level.
August 28, 2016
Had potential to be something but really lost it due to too many twists in the plot.
½ August 24, 2016
This movie is literal garbage. not to mention they casted a pornstar. It doesn't give that same allure as just casting a hot celeb dude. Like if your going to cast "eye candy" cast someone that doesn't have videos all over the Internet of them eating multiple nut loads and drinking their own urine. Why would I want to watch her shitty acting when I can just google her getting ass rammed by three different dicks in the same scene? It was just a confusing stupid movie altogether. Garbage movie.
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June 27, 2016
I don't know what to make of this movie, since I am quite a fan Nacho Vigalondo and the fact that he has a good eye for creating genre films. And, admittedly speaking, this movie is quite ambitious. It has some good ideas on the nature of celebrity and some fans' obsessions with their favorite celebs and how that obsession manifests itself in unhealthy ways. That's what this film is about essentially. Of course, the way they get there is really where the faults lie. Nick, Elijah Wood, is a big fan of Jill Goddard, Sasha Grey, an actress. Nick wins a contest where he would get to have dinner with Jill. While he's waiting at the hotel, a hacker, or something, contacts him and informs him that the date has been cancelled by Jill. Then this hacker manages to get Nick to do everything he wants him to do. This includes tying up Jill's agent in his room, using said agent in order to get Jill to strip on webcam. There comes a point in the film where the hacker kidnaps Jill. Nick, enlisting the help of another group of hackers, tries to help Jill escape from her situation. Everything until this point is, actually, pretty good. It didn't offer anything great, but it was a fairly solid cat-and-mouse thriller. Then everything goes straight to shit. Perhaps that's a strong phrase to use, but the film does become very highly convoluted and preposterous. Not that preposterous is bad or anything, of course, anything can work if you have a strong script. And Nacho Vigalondo had a lot of ideas about the obsession with celebrities and I felt that the movie should've just stuck with that. But, unfortunately, there's another hacker involved in the proceedings that was believed to have been murdered by the villain, but he actually survived. Pretty sure you can figure out what the twist is going to be if you've seen more than five films. This is where the film really lost me. It's not that it doesn't make sense, it's just that the way it is written and elaborated on leaves a lot to be desired. It's all over the place and it doesn't really manage to make all its plot elements click into one coherent whole. The tech stuff also looks corny. Remember how Hackers, the film, made hacking look cool as shit but it actually had nothing to do with reality, that's how this film makes hacking and the tech they have look like. It's not as 'cool' as it was in Hackers, but the principles are the same, it's not based on reality. So, to me, that was actually one of the lamest parts of the movie. The acting is decent. Elijah Wood is good, but Sasha Grey didn't do a lot for me. I guess that, for a former adult actress, she's better than average, but she's clearly not a good actress by regular standards. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, she'll do fine in genre films like this, but she's not gonna set the world on fire in films where she actually has to rely on her acting talents to carry a film. I really disliked the third act of the film, it just undid everything. Like I said, everything prior to the reveal there was another actual hacker that was murdered, was good. The cat-and-mouse chase of Nick trying to get to where the villain is in order to save Jill is all good. Everything at the hotel, prior to Nick getting in his car and leaving was also good. The third act was just a mess. And it's not even a hot mess like Age of Ultron was. It's just a mess that really ends up hurting the flick. I was gonna give this 2.5 stars, but it's really a 2-star affair. Nacho Vigalondo had some interesting ideas and he does get to showcase that, but all that goodwill is destroyed with a nonsensical and, quite frankly, annoying third act. I can't recommend this. It's on Netflix and you could do worse, but you'll probably come out of it really disappointed.
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May 7, 2016
I think I am so cross with this because it started out reasonably well for what it is.
Geeky website owner wins a date with the girl of his dreams who is web site is all about. In his hotel room, he receives a message from a guy claiming to be from the team responsible for his prize and letting him know that the young actress, Jill, has refused to show and that she actually has a history of bad behaviour and isn't so nice. The caller indicates he is fed up with Jill's attitude, and as compensation he tells the geek he will do some hacking which allows him to spy on Jill online for the evening.
The format of the movie is all shot through the computer and other recordings such as a video camera. It's been done a few times recently, but still something a bit different and the premise seemed interesting.
At about 50 minutes in it felt like the movie must be finishing soon. Really wish it had because the longer it went on, the less I cared. Talk about losing the plot.
I'm still not sure about the confusion twists at the end, and worse, I don't really care that I didn't get it. Annoyed I spent money and time on this mess. Now to find somebody on eBay to offload it on...
March 17, 2016
The longer this film goes on, the further and further they jump over the shark. When it finally lands, you're just too busy trying to figure out if the story made any sense to notice how bland it is....

Don't see it.
½ January 1, 2016
This was okay, but it did have a lot of problems as well. I respect that it tried to do something different and I love that they gave Sasha Grey a role in this too. The ending kind of ruined the movie and the style of it all should have been used more wisely.
October 18, 2015
One of the worst ever!!
October 14, 2015
uste eden film za hakeri :)
October 13, 2015
Nick Chambers (Elijah Wood) wins a contest to meet his favorite actress, Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey). Nick, the webmaster of a fansite dedicated to Jill, is crushed when Chord(Neil Maskell), Jill's manager, informs him that she has not only failed to invite him to the film's publicity but also canceled the contest. Chord remotely sends Nick a link to his laptop that opens a live stream. Chord explains that he has hacked into Jill's cell phone and activated the microphone and camera without her knowledge. Although uneasy about invading her privacy, Nick goes along with Chord's plans to spy on her. By eavesdropping on her phone conversations, they learn that she will secretly meet her agent, Tony, with whom she is having an affair, at the same hotel in which Nick is staying. Chord directs Nick to use preexisting high end surveillance equipment to spy on Jill and Tony. As he watches them, Nick is briefly contacted by a trio of hackers who address him as Nevada. Jill leaves Tony's room. When Nick's lights spontaneously turn on and Tony can see the camera pointed at his room, Nick panics as Tony leaves his room to investigate. Chord orders Nick to use a Taser to incapacitate Tony. Feeling that he has no choice, Nick agrees. Nick initially refuses to tie up Tony but does so once Chord threatens to stop helping him. Suspicious of why all this equipment is available in his hotel room, Nick questions who Chord really is; Chord ignores him and guides him out of the hotel by hacking into its security system. Chord blackmails Nick into further compliance by revealing that the entire contest was a hoax, and Chord now has video proof of Nick's crimes. Chord forces Nick to follow Jill to her house, and he is contacted once again by the trio of hackers, who believe Nick to be a famous hacker. They offer to help him in his latest hack, and Nick recruits them to counteract Chord. Meanwhile, Chord hacks into Jill's PC when she goes home. When Nick refuses to send her PC a file, Chord demonstrates that he is capable of sneaking into Jill's house and killing her...

We Got This Covered stating overall that "Open Windows" spams audiences with an overload of development without much explanation, much like those information-less ads claiming to solve your impotency problem with a magic formula.". "Open Windows" wants to be Brian De Palma, but ends up as Uwe Boll. This is a poor mans thriller with amateurish cinematography, amateurish script, amateurish acting and an amateurish vibe. Elijah Wood has ended up doing worse and worse movies and I reckon he can hardly be proud of this. His performance in "Open Windows" is scattered and pretty much so so. Former pornstar Sasha Grey is no better. Shes hardly a grade A actress. The general idea is there with blackmail, manipulation, advanced technology, hackers and social media, but its handled in an amateurish messy way with plot holes and illogical actions. I like the effort of making the film more or less via computer screens, phones, tv cameras etc, but yet again it fails due to the amateurish handling. "Open Windows" is a film to forget and move on from.
October 8, 2015
High concept thriller that gets points for ambition, but just never works well as a coherent film.
August 25, 2015
So I like thrillers and I like porn stars so I thought I'd like this movie, and I did, just not as much as I thought I would. I thought for sure that this would be a actual movie with full penetration, and maybe that has something to do with my disappointment. Sasha Grey does her best work since "Sporty Girls 2" and Elijah Wood doesn't come across the screen as a little kid for the first time in his career. I do have a question though; When you're looking to cast a child/man for a role, do you call Elijah Wood or Daniel Ratcliffe first? I'm not sure who's the poor man version of the other. Is Frodo the poor mans Potter or is it vice versa?
August 10, 2015
Gotta give this film credit for doing something different. It does a good job of keeping your interest as long as you can suspend your disbelief.
½ July 23, 2015
This was another film that didn't get good reviews that I wanted to see; it was directed by Nacho Vigalondo, who directed the great 'Timecrimes'. The film tries to be very inventive and even though it has really never been done before, it doesn't succeed. The plot had too many plot twists to keep straight and if you look back I would bet many don't hold up. Overall a inventive and ambitious film that fails that its high expectations.
July 22, 2015
Literally NO idea why Elijah wood is in this utter tosh. Its a waste of his talent and Maskell. A man gets tricked into a cat and mouse game with a film star.
½ July 19, 2015
started pretty good, built a bit of suspense but by the end it was doing way to much and the ending itself was way too out there
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