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October 20, 2014
Gave it a spin to finally see if that fairly iconic cover art actually paid off in the film, and it does indeed build to some truly bizarro stuff in the final reel.

Worth tracking down if you have a chance and enjoy the low-budget sleaze from back in the day.
May 4, 2012
A little disappointed in Pets as I thought this was going to be a much sleazier film w/ women sold into human bondage & kept as people pets. Although an exploitation film it does play a lot of elements very close to the chest. Can't overtly be disappointed w/ what you don't get though & for what it is Pets is mildly entertaining Drive-In/Grindhouse. Candice Rialson is a no skilled sex pot that runs away from he abuse old man who gets a job posing for a lesbian artist Joan Blackman. She becomes bored w/ the tedium of Blackman's undying affections because she needs real dick & ends up fucking a burger who breaks into the house. Blackman's green eyed monster shine through causing Rialson to run into the arms of 'art lover' Berry Kroeger who breaks her spirit & keeps her in a cage as his pet. Even w/ this plot Pets takes far too long to get to the true meat & potatoes even @ it's a little long in the tooth running time & should have trimmed some of the fat & been a true exploitation film. A lot of missed opportunities but what actually is there isn't bad
February 24, 2008
Entertaining sexploitation! A rarity in both the sense that it's hard to see and that it's an entertaining sexplo! A woman lost in the world goes from person to person trying to settle down, only to find that people tend to only want her for sex and subordination. Robbery, nude painting, and whips ensue!
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