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December 1, 2014
Phobia (2014) Film Thoughts... I was fortunate enough to be given an invite to screen this new horror film by Rory Douglas Abel. Phobia stars Michael Jefferson as a man after his wife's death, that he feels responsible for, suffers from Agoraphobia (basically a fear of wide and/or open spaces). In this case, he can't leave his own home without totally freaking out, it's so bad that even the larger rooms he has self imposed off limits. This is a nice idea, as it takes place in a Brooklyn Brownstone and affords the director to save money by keeping it to one location. The man's "problem" wouldn't be so bad but it is compounded by visions, horrible ones that make him feel it's really happening. That is your basic plot.

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. The director and scriptwriters kept everything together with a solid beginning, middle and ending (Which is rare these days where many indie films lose their way and fail in their endings.). Michael Jefferson really sells it. He has to be in every scene in the film and you really, really feel for the guy. He is very sad in a pathetic way. His wife, played by Sarah Schoofs (of Elias's Gut fame) is great too, keeps your attention throughout. Even Debbie Rochon is here in a small part. I have very little to nitpick at (maybe the opening credit sequence could have been jazzed up, but that is a nit) and it is a solid film. The IMDB lists this as his first feature, so I would say he is off to a great start in film making. The film is released on DVD & VOD 11/25/14... high recommend for sure.
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