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Critic Consensus: Police Academy is rude, crude, and proudly sophomoric -- which is either a condemnation or a ringing endorsement, depending on your taste in comedy.

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Dopey and sophomoric, Police Academy was a surprisingly successful comedy that managed to spawn six sequels and an animated television series. Set in a crime-plagued big city, the trouble begins when the mayor, desperate to increase the police force, announces that anyone who wants to become a cop will automatically be admitted to the city's police academy. Soon the formerly rigorous school is filled with all manner of nuts and dolts.

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Steve Guttenberg
as Carey Mahoney
Kim Cattrall
as Karen Thompson
Bubba Smith
as Moses Hightower
Michael Winslow
as Larvell Jones
G.W. Bailey
as Lt. Harris
George Gaynes
as Commandant Lassard
Andrew Rubin
as George Martin
Donovan Scott
as Leslie Barbara
Leslie Easterbrook
as Sgt. Callahan
David Graf
as Tackleberry
Marion Ramsey
as Laverne Hooks
Scott Thomson
as Chad Copeland
Brant von Hoffman
as Kyle Blankes
Debralee Scott
as Mrs. Fackler
Bruce Mahler
as Doug Fackler
Ted Ross
as Capt. Reed
Doug Lennox
as Bad Guy
Debra Scott
as Mrs. Fackler
George R. Robertson
as Chief Hurnst
Don Lake
as Mr. Wig
Bill Lynn
as Parking Lot Manager
Michael J. Reynolds
as Office Executive
Joyce Gordon
as Mrs. Thompson
Don Payne
as Barber
Bruce McFee
as Supply Clerk
Beth Amos
as Old Lady
Araby Lockhart
as Mrs. Lassard
Gary Farmer
as Sidewalk Store Owner
Barry Green
as Cadet with Hat
Roger Dunn
as Booking Sergeant
Gino Marrocco
as Arresting Cop
Dwayne McLean
as Bar Patron
Bob Collins
as Drill Instructor
Danny Pawlick
as Pool Hall Man
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Police Academy is the most uproarious film to come along in years. You have the right to remain silent, but you can't help bt laugh out loud.

March 5, 2019 | Full Review…

Police Academy is a dumb-funny movie that succeeds by virtue of sheer invention.

March 5, 2019 | Full Review…

Now comes without any doubt the absolute pits of this genre, the least funny movie that could possibly have been inspired by Airplane! or any other movie.

April 29, 2018 | Rating: 0/4 | Full Review…

Police Academy at its core is a harmless, innocent poke at authority that does find a fresh background in a police academy.

March 26, 2009 | Full Review…

The hit-and-mostly-miss humour proves so cringeworthy, however, your real amazement will be reserved for that fact that they sprang six sequels and three different TV series out of this.

June 24, 2006 | Full Review…

A lot of the gags don't work, but Hugh Wilson, who was responsible for television's WKRP in Cincinnati and who makes his debut as a director... knows what he's about. He remains unembarrassed by the material.

May 20, 2003 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Police Academy

Despite the fact these films are known to be trash this franchise is probably one of the most well known (and in some cases loved) franchises around the world with some of the most well known characters. This film kick started a phenomenon that has influenced many other films in the spoof genre, made stars out of most of its cast and has actually lasted virtually to the present day, gotta give kudos. So the plot is horrifically simple, a group of bums, criminals and nut jobs all join the Police Academy in the hopes of becoming police officers. This has recently become possible because the mayor has abolished the old school rules about height, weight, colour (yes colour folks!!), fitness levels etc...so anyone can join. This infuriates the police Chief so he orders the Police Academy Cmndt. to try and get the new unsavory recruits to quit voluntarily by any means possible. Now bare in mind this film came out in 1984 because a lot of what you see is now incredibly dated and not really funny. There are still moments which raise a giggle for sure but on the whole this is childish adult toilet humour by the bucket load. Its no real surprise considering the era, this type of stuff was the height of popularity at the time with films like 'Meatballs', 'Airplane', 'Caddyshack' and 'Stripes' doing the rounds. The film is a character orientated piece naturally, the toilet humour is a strong ingredient but the characters are the key. Looking back its all so very cliched and dated but the characters do still work at times. I personally never liked Guttenberg's character of Mahoney as he was such a damn goodie goodie, for me it was Tackleberry, Jones, Fackler and Harris, all these guys were the funniest in this film in my opinion. All their quirky individual qualities are fun to watch and do allow you to care about them, slightly. Loved how Tackleberry was basically a gun nut and completely dangerous, in this day n age that kind of character could almost be controversial. As a kid everybody used to try and copy Winslow's motormouth antics although watching now it doesn't quite have that wow factor anymore, more annoying actually. Love how Fackler basically doesn't belong in the police force, totally inept yet very likeable. Lassard comes across as a kind old bumbling grandfather type character, also very likeable, and of course Harris as the arse kissing jobsworth who is always sucking up to his superiors but really deep down you know he's actually a good cop. As with other slobby frat house type films this doesn't disappoint on the female front. The main eye candy is supplied by Easterbrook and her chest as Callahan and the stunning Cattrall who really looks so amazingly cute my God! As you would expect there is much boob cleavage throughout, naughty talk and a rather dirty sex act hinted at. This is one of the things that separates the first two Academy films from the rest, the first two are more directed at an adult audience which equals the odd moment of titty action, nudity, swearing, homosexuality, close to the line violence/action and even a bit of racism believe it or not. Also with all the other films there are individual characters that pop up for that film but we don't see again. The quality of these characters varied a lot but in this film we get the most amusing Donovan Scott as Cadet Leslie Barbara who looks like a young Dom Deluise, Brant Von Hoffman as Cadet Kyle Blankes and Scott Thomson as Cadet Chad Copeland who are both really good as the dumb sidekicks or henchmen for Harris. The sequence/s in the Blue Oyster Bar are an undeniably good laugh and continual joke yet probably rather un-PC these days. What really makes me laugh is recalling when I used to watch this as a kid and not really understanding half of it and not caring. After this rewatch its amazing to see how much makes no sense at all, like why does Jones have this microphone on him all the time? so he can play jokes on people with his voice obviously, but is it battery operated? how does he always have it?? must be a big bit of kit this is 84 after all. How come all the recruits do end up passing through even though they are all crap and most don't actually do anything in the finale showdown. And how about all the hideously obvious over acting, exaggerated prat falls to cause incidents and accidents etc... Plus that blowjob sequence is actually pretty racy and sick if you think about it, this hooker will pretty much suck anyone off, as demonstrated at the very end (guess that's why she's a hooker). I never understood what was happening in that scene as a kid haha and you'd never see something like that in the later films. These films have become a bit of an institution really, love em or hate em you can't deny how iconic they actually are. Look at the main score for the film, that alone is a pretty classic bit of movie history right there, everyone knows what it is and can recognise it, its up there with such scores as 'Star Wars' and 'Jaws'. It was never meant to be anything remotely serious, more along the lines of the [i]National Lampoon's[/i] franchise if anything, only thing missing was John Belushi. Its utterly childish and puerile now and it was the same back in the day too, but no one ever tried to cover that up, that's exactly what the film offered take it or leave it. Personally I like this film because of the adult edge to it, gives it some credibility unlike the later films which just become like cartoons. Its not an all out spoof so don't think of the excellent Leslie Nielsen type tomfoolery, but it is fun in places and does offer up quite a neat original little plot (for the time).

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer


Semi decent comedy with a few comical parts. Police Academy suffers from the lack of really funny jokes, and never really quite takes off. The film is funny at times, but most of the time you're not laughing, and when there's something that supposed to be funny in the film, you don't laugh. The film is fun for what it is, never really anything good or great. Just really in between. The film manages to get a few chuckles, but never really makes laugh out loud. The film had potential to truly be a memorable comedy, but instead it ends being a decent one at best. The screenwriters should have spent more time on the script. The film feels cheesy at times and never really has anything great going for it. There a good moments to be had, it's a fun film to watch. But there's nothing great about it. Police Academy manages to be deliver somewhat, it has good things going for it like a good cast that save it from being a total train wreck. Like I said too there's good comedy here, but there's not enough to keep the ball rolling and truly make Police Academy a comedy classic. This is of course one of the weaker cop comedies, Super Troopers, The Other Guys and Cop Out are far better in my book. But for a few gags, the film is a fun viewing experience. Just don't go expecting something hilarious, or else you'll surely be disappointed.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

Very funny! I love 80's films!

Bethany Murphy
Bethany Murphy

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