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May 11, 2010
Mary Woronov for President (or prime minister)!
½ January 14, 2010
Prison-A-Go-Go is the "story" that spoofs/pays homage the wild and zany women-in-prison films that used to grace our TV screens late at night, mostly through the 70's, 80's and 90's. In this satire (I guess), a mad scientist sends goons to a random house to kidnap a woman and take her to his laboratory at the women's prison in the Philippines. The girl's sister finds a calling card left behind and commits murder to get thrown in the prison where she sets out to find her missing sister, all while engaging in multiple shower scenes, food fights, mud wrestling, ninja/prisoner battle royales, and so one and so forth. There's also zombies, mass amounts of female fart and shit gags, and Troma president Lloyd Kaufman (as a guard). Oh, and cult icons Rhonda Shear (still looking quite fuckable but never shows the goods sadly) and Mary Woronov (why how she has aged terribly) show up as a prisoner and a liason to the prison who hires a new warden, a slacker dude whose about as funny as the rest of this entire film. In the 80-something minutes I endured of this film, there was genuinely NOTHING funny about it. The jokes were there, plain as day, but I found myself staring blankly at each and everyone of them without so much as a cracked smile. To further add to my boredom, the film elicits a shower scene timer at the bottom right hand side of the screen that lets you know when ever shower scene comes up. These "multiple shower" scenes appear to be one small one chopped up into even smaller scenes that feature the same girls over and over, all of whom are lacking both in the beauty AND titty department. Overall, this movie is dull and very unfunny. I appreciate the filmmakers' intentions and got where they were coming from, but the overall execution was awfully lame. Not very good at all.
December 22, 2009
if you're not watching this right now, you suck.
½ March 15, 2009
You should buy this.
½ September 28, 2008
Prison-A-Go-Go! is about 35% funny and 65% stupid. But part of the stupidity is purposeful, I think.
½ May 15, 2008
I have to admit, this is one of the funniest spoof films I have ever seen.
Super Reviewer
½ November 21, 2007
Very odd, but if you like odd movies then it is worth a watch because it was so freakin' weird, which in turn, made it funny.
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