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December 9, 2017
The "Well at least Pumpkinhead looked good!" excuse has officially run out of steam as we hit the fourth entry into the vengeance demon's horror franchise, Blood Feud. After some bullshit about how the Hatfields and McCoys actually hate each other because one family didn't give a car to the other(???) the titular Pumpkinhead is summoned because of course he is, to act as secondary antagonist in redneck Romeo and Juliet and- you know what, I'm done? It's the worst of the bunch and that's saying something considering it's coming off of two back-to-back failures in the series before it.
January 30, 2014
Ok, so we have Romeo & Juliet meets Hatfield & McCoys meets Pumpkinhead... yeah that's going to turn out well.
The one thing this film has going for it is the spectacular physical FX as Pumpkinhead looks absolutely amazing.
Fans of the creature will enjoy his portion of the film (possibly the best of the series)... they'll just have to make it through the rest of the tripe as well.
July 4, 2013
Still pretty decent for a TV movie, yet it still isn't any different from previous films. The story isn't so bad, although blood feuds are hard to watch due to their immaturity. Pumpkinhead looks nice and there is still only a little CGI, but he still doesn't get enough of the focus. The characters are mostly dimwitted and the ending is pretty much the same as the first. I feel like there are a lot of cool things you could do with Pumpkinhead, so why keep repeating the same story?
September 2, 2012
Not as interesting as the previous entry, Ashes To Ashes but much gorier than I expected and it thankfully had a lot less crappy CG.
½ August 24, 2012
Not nearly as good as the classic original, basically the same story - wronged party calls Pumpkinhead for vengeance at a terrible cost - this one does have an interesting twist in the character conflict being between the Hatfields and McCoys. And of course, it has Lance Henriksen. I think I'd watch him in anything, not sure how he gets away with it, but regardless of the role, he manages to inbue a sense of gravity that makes it worthwhile.
August 16, 2012
Not a bad story and monster, watchable.
July 24, 2012
Its true. Pumpkinhead is in this; although i dont know why.
March 22, 2012
The original will always be the best (like when it comes to most horror franchises). But if you enjoyed the first one, you find some enjoyment in this one.
January 31, 2012
It's not a film I feel the need to watch more then once, but it wasn't all that bad. No matter what I still always enjoy getting to see Pumpkinhead wreaking some havoc. It was also a very nice touch to see Lance Henrikson make a cameo appearance.
September 18, 2011
Sucked. I gave it one star for making me laugh.
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June 11, 2011
½ May 9, 2011
Worst acting I have ever seen.
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May 9, 2011
When you are in Mood to watch something grusel this Movie will only dissapoint you.
At some point It even didnt make sense. I mean the character of Lance Henriksen a "Lost Soul" f.e.g His Background?
I wouldnt really recommend it.
½ May 3, 2011

Diabolical CG >__<
March 8, 2011
Once again this is better than Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings and Lance Henriksen reprises his role as Ed Harley but I grew tired through much of the dialogue and the overall story did not impress me. The CGI(computer Generated Images) were also poor but just like the first three films Pumpkinhead steals the show every time he is on camera.
½ October 31, 2010
Bad. So very bad. I'm guessing the original from 1988 was at least fun, but this is just bad.
October 1, 2010
This movie's garbage and it's not even due to the lame CGI scenes of Pumpkinhead. It's the god-awful acting throughout the entire movie.
½ July 15, 2010
Blurgh. Includes Lance Henriksen.
½ June 28, 2010
Drivel consisting of a Romeo and Juliet-style feud and fist fighting rednecks.
½ June 22, 2010
One of the worst horror movies ever!
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