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August 14, 2007
Awwwwww.. this looks so adorably sickening.
July 7, 2007
I think this was about a dog and a boy who swapped bodies or the kid died and was reincarnated as a dog, or something. The dog was a good actor but I would have been happier if a larger breed had been chosen to play the lead. Worth watching for the excellent soundtrack alone.
June 22, 2007
Gary Busey in a soundbooth voicing a Pomeranian = Incredible
June 5, 2007
Who knew Gary Busey could be so cute and mischievous?
December 9, 2006
Yeah, i'd like to see this, i think!
September 29, 2006
Oh cute...and boring!
½ August 19, 2006
This movie makes Christians look SO bad!!!!!it was cheesy as well as crappy! the ONLY reason it gets 1 1/2 is cuz the dog was cute and they said the only way to heaven is by faith in Jesus Christ!!!
August 17, 2006
i would really like to see this movie
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