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½ April 27, 2019
"Ratpocalypse" Is one of those cheesy, awful movies that is so bad you can't turn away from watching it!

First, the plot is preposterous - corrupt Russians turning into giant rats based on some vision by Senator John Perryman (Van Dien). Then there is this weird pseudo religious but not religious undertone. Then they are suppose to be in Russia and yet so many scenes are obviously In Oklahoma! Add all the bad acting and scene transitions that make no sense to have a dud of unparalleled magnitude. The only saving grace to "Ratpocalypse" is Casper Van Dien who is still fantastic looking and in great shape at near 50.

Pass on this bomb.
December 20, 2018
This movie is so bad that it's funny. It rivals Sharknado in the "so bad it's good category". Even though it says that it's PG-13 I would reccomend not watching this with family or small children. It does have cursing and shows the upper front of naked women. I love this movie and reccomend it to anyone looking to laugh a little.
November 26, 2018
Who finances movies like this? Why?
½ September 3, 2018
After watching this movie, you could commit a capital offense and be found innocent due to reduced mental capacity...
½ September 1, 2018
One of the worst made movies of all time! From the cheesy lines (pun intended) to the out of context (not the correct country) scenes. The horrible attempts at Russian accents, the horrible plot, the gratuitous sex scenes and the horrible CGI!
½ August 19, 2018
This is the worst movie I have ever seen, by far. I actually kept on watching just to see how bad it really got. It got worst than I expected. The plot is stupid, the transformations are Mickey Mouse, the acting is out of this world... not in a positive way! I have no idea why they made this movie. IT'S BAD! REALLY BAD!!
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