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July 1, 2018
Whenever you despair because of garbage like black panther the downspiraling, Remember my freinds - This STILL DOES EXIST, Hope can be found in legitimate media producers of quality entertainment.
August 16, 2014
Finally watched this Anime from the '90s. Damn good! 5 out of 5.
August 18, 2012
A perfect anime for any lover of fantasy! If you like Dungeons and Dragons, then you would love this anime!
½ January 6, 2012
As a fantasy buff and a fan of RPG videogames such as FINAL FANTASY III and CHRONO TRIGGER, this 13-part OVA series enchanted me from the moment I started watching it. It became, and remains, one of my favorite Anime series of all time. RECORD OF LODOSS WAR is an older (1990) series, so the animation can be somewhat limited in places. But the interactions between the characters (notably heroic but inexperienced warrior wanna-be Parn, high elf Deedlit, and ruthless yet somehow sympathetic Black Knight Ashram) and the compelling (if sometimes jumpy) storyline kept me enthralled from start to finish. LODOSS has received its share of detractors over the years, yet its charm and appeal has nonetheless earned cult status from Anime fans, and understandably so. The fully-realized characters, gorgeous music, and omniprescent sense of adventure make RECORD OF LODOSS WAR a fun fantasy-going experience. While purists insist that the only way to watch LODOSS WAR is in its Japanese language track, it should be noted the English version (produced by New York based Central Park Media in 1996) is actually pretty good, with solid performances from its voice cast, including Billy Regan as Parn, Lisa Ortiz as Deedlit (her first voice acting role ever), John Knox as Ashram, Al Muscari as Slayn, Ted Lewis as Etoh, Greg Wolfe as Ghim, the late Simone Grant as Karla, and Bruce Winant as Wagnard. There are places where the dub shows its age (a few rough spots here and there and some incidental characters who could stand to be a bit better), but otherwise it holds up surprisingly well for a 90's dub, just like the show. In either language, though, RECORD OF LODOSS WAR delivers fantasy, excitement, psychological drama, and even a little bit of romance for serious fantasy fans. It is truly a classic fantasy Anime series.
June 10, 2011
this movie is the greatest thing ever
March 12, 2009
Z tych czterech gwiazdek dwie sa za Ashrama. No dobrze: dwie i pol... ;]
January 2, 2009
The best Anime I've ever watched
½ December 6, 2008
Best D&D-based film you'll ever find, and one of the best in the fantasy genre.
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