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February 23, 2019
I dont expect much from a B movie horror, but this failed on every level. Most noteworthy was the appalling acting by the two leads...
½ December 31, 2018
They wake up the vampires in the woods - via some really terrible acting! The plot is scattered at best - but the lines and scenes are just sad.
½ May 29, 2018
Terrible dialogue, hammy acting, some extremely comical fake accents and a setting that is clearly not Redwood National Park (it's a common, garden-variety forest in Poland). So bad I signed up to RT just to leave a review.
April 1, 2018
Very tight little horror flick. It does a lot with a little and takes itself entirely seriously. The main actress is very, very pretty.
March 28, 2018
Festival favourite!
A refreshing twist on the genre and my favourite at Frightfest.
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