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March 2, 2008
great rock 'n' roll road movie shot in beautiful black and white.
January 3, 2008
Best damn canadian director!
January 1, 2008
Pretty damn good for a dress rehearsal for a road movie.
December 26, 2007
Excellent film independant, avec une conclusion qui depasse les attentes - pis en plus ya Joey Ramone. Le acting est pas tres bon, l'actrice principale m'enarve, mais le fait que Bruce McDonald joue le realisateur dans son propre film a quelque chose de charmant. Pis Don McKellar c'est un champion.
November 20, 2007
I've got some of the bones in my teeth
½ August 26, 2007
A fantastic indie flick. No one does road movies like Bruce! The quirky characters are all spectacular with the taxi driver as a personal favorite.
½ August 17, 2007
Odd indie black and white Canadian rock'n'roll road movie -- in which the heroine can't drive. I like the atmosphere and the eccentricity.

I first saw it on TV years ago. When I saw it on DVD more recently, I realised some of it was filmed in Sudbury, where we'd been. That place sucks...
August 2, 2007
Only one reason I like this movie!
July 8, 2007
This is the most tense film I have seen I think!
June 24, 2007
Again, much like Highway 61, I fell in love with Valerie Buhagiar in this movie.

Then again I realized, wait a minute, it's just a movie.

Check out the Ramones cameo in this one.
½ June 19, 2007
Would love to find this on DVD... One of those movies that made me want to make movies
½ June 17, 2007
This was an interesting story following a woman trying to locate a missing band who's lead singer went MIA. The pacing is a bit to get used to and the story seems to change focus every twenty minutes or so, but if you look past some of the bizzare circumstances it really is worth watching. By the end i was slightly confused, but it just made me want to watch it again
June 17, 2007
Bruce McDonald at his indie best.
June 11, 2007
The best Canadian director ever, this is a low-budget movie with a hilariously dark story.
½ June 8, 2007
I tried to like it, but I couldn't
June 8, 2007
Balls out road movie. Place it next to Easy Rider and never look back.
May 27, 2007
Great Canadian movie with a cameo by Joey Ramone
May 6, 2007
just plain fooking cb talk 10/4
April 29, 2007
there is a roadkill that ant been out long with paul walker in it thats the one i like never seen this one
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