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Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy Reviews

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½ June 15, 2018
Much of it is fiction.
August 26, 2011
For a Lifetime movie its pretty good. These people were off the walls and yeah so is the movie. Its something for a rainy Sunday. Kirsten Dunst is in this movie and their property is still for sale even now lol. For the most part this flick is about government vs the Bible an ongoing issue. Timothy McVeigh that guy who blew up Oklahoma City building spoke about and said he was angered by the events at Ruby Ridge and it had influenced him to make his own bomb. Turner Diaries shit
½ July 7, 2007
Guilty pleasure, especially when the people get shot. It's a tragic story, but the production on this film is so cheesy, it makes it funny (watched it in my Gov class).
½ April 24, 2007
very very good movie
½ April 29, 2006
I remember the coverage of the events on the news as a kid, and always heard about the story-i dont know what's true and what isn't, so i'm not about to fully believe in anything. But this movie is a little too much for me.The performances are okay, the writing's okay, but it's just not entertaining-mostly because the events it portrays did happen, and people did die.:rotten:
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