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Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004)



Critic Consensus: Only the very young will get the most out of this silly trifle.

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Scooby and the gang lose their cool--and their stellar reputation--when an anonymous masked villain wreaks mayhem on the city of Coolsville with a monster machine that re-creates classic Mystery Inc. foes like: The Pterodactyl Ghost, The Black Knight and The 10,000 Volt Ghost. Under pressure from relentless reporter Heather Jasper-Howe and the terrified citizens of Coolsville, the gang launches an investigation into the mysterious monster outbreak that leaves Shaggy and Scooby questioning their roles in Mystery Inc. The ever-ravenous duo, determined to prove they're great detectives, don a series of far-out disguises in their search for clues. Meanwhile, brainy Velma becomes smitten with a key suspect, Coolsonian Museum curator Patrick Wisely, as macho leader Fred and image-conscious Daphne attempt to determine the identity of the Evil Masked Figure who is unleashing the monsters in an attempt to take over Coolsville.

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Freddie Prinze Jr.
as Fred Jones, Fred
Neil Fanning
as Scooby-Doo
Seth Green
as Patrick
Peter Boyle
as Old Man Wickles
Pat O'Brien
as Himself
Bill Meilen
as Chauffeur
A.C. Peterson
as Harry Lang
Andrew Jackson
as Man in Car
C. Ernst Harth
as Miner 49er
Scott McNeil
as Evil Masked Figure
Kevin Durand
as Black Knight Ghost
Peter New
as Daphne's tattooed fan #2
Morgan Brayton
as Mullet nerdette #1
Lisa Ann Beley
as Mullet nerdette #2
Tara Fynn
as Mullet nerdette #3
Joe MacLeod
as skater dude #1
Brandon Jay McLaren
as skater dude #2
Aaron Ydenberg
as skater dude #3
Lou Bollo
as flashback security guard #1
John Ulmer
as flashback security guard #2
Bradley Gosnell
as kid on bike #1
Calum Worthy
as kid on bike #2
Brenna O'Brien
as buttercup scout
Mark Burgess
as men in suit
Kwesi Ameyaw
as men in suit
Ted Kozma
as museum guard
Darrell Izeard
as museum guard
Stephen E. Miller
as C.L. Magnus
Karin Konoval
as Aggie Wilkins
Paul Jamieson
as scared man
Colin Foo
as investor
Nazanin Afshin-Jam
as shaggy chick
Cascy Beddow
as young Shaggy
Emily Tennant
as young Daphne
Ryan Vrba
as young Fred
Laurence Kennedy
as Young Velma
Jeff Tanner
as Harry Lang
Dan Joffre
as Faux Ghost Patron
Richard "Bo" Dietl
as pickle man/Faux Ghost Patron
Bill Mondy
as vomit reporter
Kimani Ray Smith
as reporter #1
Ingrid Torrance
as reporter #3
Tiffani Timms
as reporter #4
Dee Bradley Baker
as 10,000 Volt Ghost/Zombie/Red Eye Skeleton [Voice]
Bob Papenbrook
as Black Knight
Michael Sorich
as Tar Monster/Cotton Candy Glob [Voice]
Terrence Stone
as 10,000 Volt Ghost [Voice]
J.P. Manoux
as Scooby Brainiac [Voice]
Wally Wingert
as Green Eye Skeleton
Harj Rai
as dancer
Angie Bell
as dancer
Michael Brown
as Big Brovas band member
Cherise Roberts
as Big Brovas band member
Nadia Shepherd
as Big Brovas band member
Dion Howell
as Big Brovas band member
Temi Tayo Aisida
as Big Brovas band member
John Paul Horsley
as Big Brovas band member
Everick Golding
as bass player
Aaron Clyke
as guitar player
Karen Holness
as keyboard player
Doron Bell Jr.
as drum player
Alex Lee
as Dancer
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Critic Reviews for Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

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Milder than the 1st, but not Scooby-snack worthy.

December 28, 2010 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

Well, I am now quite positive pigs have started earning their wings and Beelzebub is down in Hades having a snowball fight for the impossible just happened: I sort of liked Scooby-Doo 2.

April 3, 2004 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

It's all a terrible bore.

April 3, 2004 | Rating: 2.5/5 | Full Review…

It's a terrible movie. The laughs aren't there. The stunts are stupid. There's no plot whatsoever.

March 29, 2004

The monsters are the highlight of the film, and if history is any guide, there will be more ghosts and evildoers for our wholesome heroes to battle in Scooby-Doo 3.

March 26, 2004

As little as there is to recommend in Scooby-Doo 2, it must be noted that the human cast has done an uncanny job of inhabiting their two-dimensional characters, especially Lillard.

March 26, 2004

Audience Reviews for Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

now this movie is a masterpiece when it comes to sequels, acting, comedy, and effects, as with all movies to me and ive said this multiple times, the more villains the better the movie is mainly because the villains are the best parts of any movie and when there are multiple villains it just multiplies the awesomeness and comedy in the film

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

Super Reviewer


Pretty much the same thing here with more nasty looking CGI and even more terrible looking general effects, sets, stunts and obvious stunt doubles. The cast perform a little better here, more of a natural flow with this one, they gel better and actually come across as 'Mystery Inc.' with more success than the previous film. There is still a heavy load of very childish toilet humour going on throughout unsurprisingly. This still isn't required as it wasn't anywhere to be seen in the original cartoon so I have no idea why the powers that be seem to think its necessary. On the plus side its nice to see a few ghosts and ghouls from the original cartoon used for the plot, always did like that deep sea diver ghost. This is the films only plus point, despite relying heavily on CGI as per usual it was nice to see these old spirits. There were some live action costumes used combined with CGI which didn't come off too badly admittedly. This did give a nice light-hearted ghoulish 'Casper' vibe which saves the film from total ruination. The quality does vary a lot though, some ghosts look quite eerie and well realised, whilst others looks down right puerile and highly fake. So the inclusion of a nice array of phantoms and spooks slightly elevates this above the first film but its still quite awful. Not as many cameos but still plenty of unnecessary pop culture and some God awful music tracks. Again, stick to the original cartoon for all you're haunting needs.

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer


Sorry. Shit film.

Matt Goodman
Matt Goodman

Super Reviewer

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