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Every Day's a Holiday (Seaside Swingers) (The Adventures of Tim) Reviews

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July 17, 2013
This musical comedy certainly catches the swinging mood iconic of the 60's without actually including any memorable songs - despite the fact one breaks out every five minutes. It's not really a comedy either, there's only a couple of good lines, one of which is delivered by Ron 'Fagin' Moody, who creates the most interesting character of all but is sorely underused. The story is really an excuse for songs.
May 3, 2010
Simple minded sixties pop musical with bland songs, a weaker than weak script and dated lacklustre dance routines papering over the cracks of a very simple story of youngsters working at a holiday camp who enter a talent contest. The comedy is feeble but people like Liz Fraser, Ron Moody, Richard O'Sullivan and Nicholas Parsons manage to keep it watchable. Freddie and The Dreamers and John Leyton are the biggest music names here but this ain't no Hard Day's Night.

Photographed by Nicholas Roeg who less than a decade later was a cutting edge director in his own right.
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