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June 22, 2013
stupid as fuck, but, at least be dwunk when seeing this shit.... don't be a wookie!!! it's a weally doopid movie.... weally it is....
March 13, 2013
Worst movie ever made. Beyond campy horrible. What an embarrassment for name-brand actors to have read this "script" and yet chose to do it anyway. The rest of those involved, at EVERY level, are talentless hacks. This is even worse than the spate of recently imported films from the Philippines. Bucky Larson is like Lawernce of Arabia next to this "effort." This piece of *&^# wasn't released, it escaped. One week run at AMC was one week to long. DOA. I wish I could rate it with fewer than ZERO stars.
March 11, 2013
Dexter in Day-Glo. That is how I would describe the new comedy from writer/director Keven Undergaro, who has the sense of humor of John Waters, and the eye for extravagant color and details of Tim Burton. There are sight gags peppered throughout the entire movie, and I will not spoil any for the audience and cheat you out of a chuckle. And students and admirers of costume design should put this movie on their see-it list, as they are bound to be inspired in their own work. Every outfit is outlandish, and namely perfectly suit the main characters of Gregory and Gary, who are rejects. With that said, I view Gregory and Gary as two people who were thrown off the assembly line of life, but together as friends, they are not so broken. Really this is a film about finding where you belong, and serving a purpose in that space -- even if it happens to be serial killing. This film is a dark comedy, but is never mean-spirited or lets things get too serious. Maria Menounos did an excellent job producing the film with Undergaro, and you can tell the crew had a blast in making it, and that comes through for the audience. You are also bound to be attracted by the music in the film, and listen close to hear the aforementioned Menounos singing on the track. Overall, this is a fun film and is ideally viewed with a large group as it has a party vibe. Check it out.
½ March 10, 2013
The next cult classic? Some fine performances from great actors in a low budget comedy. Christopher Lloyd alone is worth it. Plus, there are clowns! What's not to like? This indie is certainly different. I hope you're not easily offended.
March 9, 2013
Hilarious, off-beat comedy with engaging and diverse characters! Definitely the most unique plot line of 2013 -- with some great performances to back it up in Kathy Lee Gifford, Christopher Lloyd, Beth Behrs, Maria Menounos, and Artie Lange! I enjoyed getting to know Gregory (Paul Ashton) and Gary (Hal Rudnick) too! Must see to understand what a gem this movie really is!
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