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Critic Consensus: A romantic comedy that's neither funny nor particularly romantic, Serving Sara is a forgettable time waster.

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A process server makes an unusual alliance with a beautiful but devious woman in this comedy. Joe Tyler (Matthew Perry) is a former attorney whose career went bust when he picked up some clients who turned out to be associated with the Mafia. These days, Joe makes his living as a process server, who presents people with legal papers -- papers they would usually prefer not to get. One of Joe's fellow servers, Tony (Vincent Pastore), is trying to weasel him out of his job, and has starting tipping off Joe's targets before he can deliver their papers in order to get Joe in dutch with their boss, Ray (Cedric the Entertainer). Joe, however, is able to persuade Ray to give him another chance with a high-profile client, Gordon (Bruce Campbell), a wealthy Texas cattle baron who has decided to divorce his wife and business partner, Sara (Elizabeth Hurley), in order to marry another woman, Kate (Amy Adams). When Joe presents Sara with the divorce papers, she is shocked by the news, which would cost her her half of the Gordon fortune. After Joe gets carjacked and finds herself on the same bus with Sara, she makes him a deal: If he's willing to take back the papers, say he never presented them, and serve a divorce petition to Gordon first, she'll pay Joe an even million dollars. Serving Sara became the focus of some unexpected controversy during its production -- first when Matthew Perry took a brief leave from the production to enter a rehabilitation clinic to fight an addiction to painkillers, and later when Elizabeth Hurley's former boyfriend, Steve Bing, accused Perry of being the father of Hurley's child (a charge both Hurley and Perry denied, and was proven false by blood tests).

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Elizabeth Hurley
as Sara Moore
Matthew Perry
as Joe Tyler
Bruce Campbell
as Gordon Moore
Mary Lyons
as Amanda
Marshall Bell
as Warren Cebron
Jerry Stiller
as Milton the Cop
Joe Viterelli
as Fat Charlie
Andrew Wilson
as Mr. Andrews
Alan Ackles
as Elevator Man
Robin McGee
as Elevator Operator Jimmy
Brent Duncan
as Blackjack Dealer
Eli Jacques
as Blackjack Table Woman
Roderick Watson
as Walkie-Talkie Kid
Georgia Foy
as Gordon's Secretary
Marie Miranda
as Elderly Elevator Woman
Alaina Huffman
as Spa Receptionist
Heather Hunt
as Spa Swamp Thing
Melinda Ramos Renna
as Boutique Saleswoman
Maria Arita
as Reservations Clerk
Jim Wilkey
as Bus Driver
Coati Mundi
as Miami Cab Driver
Julio Cedillo
as Mariott Hotel Clerk
John Rawley
as Moore Company Employee
Robert D. McTeer
as Moore Company Executive
Paul Schulte
as Wheelchair Man
Kelly Saunders
as Ticket Agent Louise
Cheryl Akemi Toma
as Japanese Interpreter
Paul Fujimoto
as Japanese Businessman
Don Pirl
as Cowboy
Libby Villari
as Cowgirl Waitress
Amanda Denton
as Tony's Flight Attendant
Court Young
as Arena Ticket Collector
David Scott Heck
as Scoreboard Guy Rusty
Rick Morrow
as Man in Crowd
Nikki Schieler Ziering
as Gordon's Trainer
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Critic Reviews for Serving Sara

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[There's] nary a laugh to be found.

July 26, 2014 | Rating: 1/4 | Full Review…

A third-rate conflation of Midnight Run and It Happened One Night, Serving Sara relies heavily on Perry's perpetually exasperated shtick, which fits more comfortably among the democratic ensemble of TV's Friends.

June 11, 2013
Top Critic

Romantic comedy ought to have some romance and laughs, but this extraordinarily flat effort has neither.

January 3, 2007 | Full Review…

Crass and joyless.

January 3, 2007

Its sole purpose appears to be to give Perry something to occupy his time during the yearly hiatus from Friends. Perhaps he should have taken a vacation instead.

September 1, 2002 | Rating: 0/5 | Full Review…

The movie itself is a cattle ranch full of joke droppings and mooing shtick not worth stepping in.

August 29, 2002 | Rating: D+

Audience Reviews for Serving Sara


Serving Sara is a very easy going and charming movie. The two leading roles are played wonderfully by Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley. Joe is a process server who meets Sara when he delivers divorce papers to her. Sara is chocked to know that her husband wants a divorce because she thought they were happily married. The papers say that she is about to lose everything in the divorce and she does not want to let that happen. I thought this movie is enjoyable because of these two talented actors and their good chemistry. Allthough this was set to be a great movie, it wasn't nearly as good as I'd expected it to be. It's sad because the story has much more potential.

Naughtia Nahazhina
Naughtia Nahazhina

Super Reviewer

It's a run of the mill comedy with a great cast. Matthew Perry didn't do many movies, but he was good at what he was type-cast to do. Bruce Campbell, Amy Adams, Vincent Pastore and Terry Crews all add to Serving Sara. It has Elizabeth Hurley. One of the most gorgeous women to grace the screen. Any movie with her in it is worth a star to its rating alone. The story isn't going to twist; it's there to keep the laughs going, and it's only kind of funny. If you're looking for anything with the slightest bit of depth, keep looking. Reginald Hudlin was a horrible director. He's doing TV now. That, and a script from the unbelievably bad writing team of Jay Scherik and David Ronn (I-Spy, Norbit, the Guess Who rewrite, National Security) and you get a surprisingly decent movie. If it's on TV and you just want something on TV, Serving Sara is worth a watch.

Jason Cenzano
Jason Cenzano

Super Reviewer

The movie is about a process server called Joe (Matthew Perry) who is given the assignment to serve Sara Moore (Elizabeth Hurley) with divorce papers by her philandering Texan husband, but after he does it she convinces him to serve her husband instead and destroy her papers in exchange of one million dollars. Cedric the Entertainer is hilarious as Perry's boss in the film and Amy Adams plays the girlfriend. There were some laughs (including one gross out scene where Joe has to pretend he is a veterinarian and help a bull out with a little "problem" he is having). "Serving Sara" serves up plenty of Hurley eye candy.

Deb S
Deb S

Super Reviewer

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